Co-op Partners up for some challenges?

I am looking for people who want to do a few challenges with me! I don’t know if you people have ever done challenges like mine, but it would be nice to see. One i like to call the element challenge.

The Element Challenge goes like this.

You can play with how many people you want to. But you get one element to use. (If say there are two of you. You get two elements.) You are also able to use explosive weapons seeing how explosive is basically a element.

Here are the rules.

  1. You must stick to you element, ALWAYS, If you are seen using a element you are not allowed to use you will get…“Banned” from the challenge. (This does not include Grenades or shields.)

  2. If you do pick up a element that you can’t use, but don’t use it you will be fine. If you want you can trade it to another player.

  3. If you want to, You can play the DLC ahead of time. How ever if you get something like the Greed and you use Slag element you can not use that weapon.

  4. Non-element weapons you can use, like Jacobs or a non-element Bandit weapon.

Or we could do the one gun company challenge.

Basically you limit your self to one gun company from the game, They only time you can use any other gun company’s weapon is if its purple or orange.

Or if you’re really crazy you can do the two combine which good ■■■■■■■ luck.

If you are willing to play with me, My gamer tag is Kululuplays, go ahead and message me up!