Co-op play style opinion question

Hello Objective opinions on when you were developing a play style… is it best not to burden others in co-op play with any part of the game learning curve? … sooo… in your opinion

  1. Do you like dealing with other wide ranging play styles?
  2. Co-op etiquette (i.e. others farting or you accidentally farting)
  3. with/without mic + -
  4. How does everyone (or not) fit with planning strategies or job assignment and coordination attacks?

I like to keep my same playstyle and don’t care what other people play as, except shamefleeting and a few other things.

I let host lead and if I’m the host you better let me lead or ask me 1st.

Mic doesn’t matter to me either way


Co-op etiquette…

Host calls the shots.
Host gets first look and pick at dropped loot.
Host turns in all mission rewards and accepts them as well.
non-host duties are to follow the host’s lead. Giving support and helping accomplish what the host’s directive(s) is/are.

As far as developing stategies and forumlating plans, so-to-speak. I mic is a big help in that. You’re on console so the messaging system isn’t seamless like it is on Steam. you can type on the fly and it appears as an overlay which is really nice.

Apart from that, I’d recommend formulating your group and then strategy in here. Create a thread as such and direct it as you see fit. :smile:


Honestly I just play the game how I would normally when I’m alone whether I’m host or not. Just don’t be a butt head is really all you need to know and stay polite. Loot whoring though is a problem but if you trade off each drop or just ask for a weapon I don’t think the other player will care. I just drop spare loot and enter some key codes if I’m really desperate. If you go a long way with another player you will likely end up on their friends list. I’ve made most of my friends just running through the game and reviving each other and helping out. But one thing I really wanna say, if the host has a particular quest active please don’t change it to something that you wanna do without asking them first. It’s super frustrating and has led to a few times I had to kick somebody out. Other than that it’s pretty open without much restriction.

  1. Wider range of play style, the better. Love the challenge.

  2. As kurtdawg says, but add FFYL etiquette = Revive if you can. If you can’t, save an enemy for the downed player to get a Second Wind (if in UVHM, slag the enemy as well).

The worst is co-opers clearing an area as you are bleeding out. Especially having an enemy right in front of you with a sliver of health and as you shoot…he’s been mowed over by someone else.:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

  1. No matter. Most have played this game soooo much it really doesn’t need explaining on mic. Mic is just for having conversations at this point.

  2. Only if you the host wants to do something different or unique to the average raid or mobbing then there should be a discussion.


I don’t use a mic but whenever I join someone else’s game I just follow the lead of the host whether if he has a mic on or not.

I also avoid some characters in coop like Krieg (I use the Flame, your coop might get irritated with it), Gaige (I use buck up so coop who wanted their shield down will hate you).

Also, No strategies, assignments and coordinations are being formulated. Just have some FUN.


Host is in charge and has 1st pick of loot
You res each other or die trying
No farting, ever, I’ll strangle your puppy
I’m mic indifferent, generally wasted
Gunzerkers, keep your pimperhab BS at home



Okay… I am on the way with the previous challenge I set for myself… slow mover here…
I am interested in playing my first co-op and I have a level 61 zero… I do not need anyone to help me in my projects yet… but and if I would love to join someone’s game…

  1. I have a mic :boom: and think i would feel silly if someone else at least in the group or other person did not have one… because i cannot type to other players and I like to follow directions and enjoy interacting…
  2. lvl 61 so anywhere that would fit in your game I would like to play
  3. Pacific Standard time evenings and even later no later than 2 or 3am a man has gotta sleep…
  4. let me know and I will add you to my friend list ect… peace :v: out :boom:

edit: Also there are some dlcs I have not tried yet… PS4 and handsome collection


I’m down to run around with you. I have several characters across the level board. Same timezone, so that’s not a problem. PSN thatguysh4rk.


I didn’t fire up the box till late I sent a message with handle Dmanlyestman (say it slowly) peace :v: :boom:

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