Co-op player names missing

When playing in CO-OP player tags are missing. Not for all players, but a few and its changes as players restart.
Anyone else seeing this issue?

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New info - when I died, I stopped being able to see my fellow vault hunters. They can still see my name. I cannot see them after respawn.

I’m having the same issue. And now that you mentioned that it happened when you died, I think that’s what happened to me also.

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It’s weird. I can see the player names in the world and HUD, but the chat always identifies other players simply as “Player”

Is there a way to resolve this?

The issue still occurs :frowning:

I just experienced the same issue today. My team mate can not see my name above my character head. This makes playing coop more difficult, especially with a new player, as the other player can not see where I am easily and keeps asking where I am. We both have the most recent updates installed as of today. Has this been reported as a bug by someone already?

Can anyone write them a feedback ticket? I never had this issue since my matchmaker no longer finds other players to begin with

I can confirm this is still an issue. And tbh, pisses me off. In the midst of all the chaos, it’s hard enough already to notice when people are downed. But it makes it even worse when the players name dissappear, and can’t even see it on the minimap. How is still an issue? In a coop game? Ridiculous if you ask me. They keep fixing stuff, yet screw up new things in the process. It’s bad enough that they have used over a half year making it playable, but small stuff like this is just lazy.

Yepp having the same issue.


Ya me and my group has major problems with this.

Stupid question, where do you even submit a ticket?


Nice thanks. Reported it aswell now.


problem still, even after today’s update!

Yo gearbox, do you mind fixing this?

This still happens, how has this not been fixed after all this time?

Bug still occurs on all platforms :frowning:

hi we started playing with a group of four and because of the missing player names it was really hard to find someone who was downed! any suggestions or workarounds how to get the player names?

I somehow can’t believe that this problem hasn’t changed even 3 years later.
How can this problem appear for years and not be fixed by now?!

Really sad to see that a great game loses lot of potential just by such a bug, why has this never been resolved?

As if not seeing the players name would be bad enough, in our previous play my wife hasn’t even seen that I’ve been down…

Somehow shows that companies are really more and more only interested in selling the product in the first place but don’t mind what happens afterwards. Luckily this does not happen everywhere, but it looks like such companies do increase in numbers. Unfortunately Gearbox seems to have become to such a company…