Co-op Pressure Pads

I really enjoy 5-player co-op on the story mode, but I’ve encountered issues occasionally in that sometimes a player will be unresponsive for whatever reason, leaving their character standing around aimlessly. This isn’t normally a problem (apart from having to fight more enemies with less players) but when you reach a set of pressure pads that are critical to completing the mission (such as the ones before ISIC and the Conservator) there is nothing anyone can do if the non-responsive player doesn’t well… respond. The mission is dead in the water before it starts basically.

I could not see a way to vote off players from co-op. If there is not such a feature already, there should be one to prevent missions getting stuck like this. The vote would have to be unanimous to prevent griefers from kicking people at random.

Any thoughts?

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Agree to this. It can get pretty aggravating when one player just doesn’t respond and keeps everyone else waiting.

Equally bad, I’ve had players actively refuse to stand on the pad, effectively bringing the game to a halt for the rest of the players. This usually occurs on the Wolf escort mission when you need to launch a player up to unlock the gate for the sentry They’ll refuse to stand on the pad either because they want to be the one who is launched, or because they don’t agree with the character who is ready to be launched, or because they’re simply little trolls.
Either way, while I like this mechanic in theory, in practice, it would seem it needs some work/support. (ie. the option to kick a player might be required . . . )

Agree as well. Making sure people are ready (so new people aren’t left behind) is a good thing. But stopping everything because of an afk, or because you want the jump pad sucks.

I actively avoid the jump to try to help with that on Void’s edge. Toby doesn’t need to pad his score anyways. :blush: