Co-op progress not saving?

A friend and myself have played through the entire game (all 3 modes) together with the exception of the very first mission in UVHM. After we killed the Warrior on UVHM, he went back and completed the very first mission, but it didn’t give him the option to fast forward/skip so that we could go play digistruct.

Any ideas as to why this happened or what we could do?

He may not have completed one of the early objectives for the next mission, even if he was present when it was turned in. If he continues playing through the story missions, perhaps it will eventually ask him to skip forward before the end of the next mission.

I don’t believe you need to finish the story to unlock the OP levels, you only need to be level 72. I’d give it a whirl and see if it works. Otherwise just reset and go from there.

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Your right just need to have UVHM started and be level 72 , to be able to unlock the OP levels

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