Co-Op Questions/Challenge Farming

A couple things I was wondering about playing co-op (I’ve never played Borderlands before so forgive my noob-ness towards it)

I was wondering when it comes to co-op does the amount of enemies increase? So like if I fight say 5 guys in X spot normally but go there with a friend will it be 10 people? Or just the same 5 on a harder difficulty?

Also if my friend kills an enemy do we both get credit towards our challenge count? Or is it only the person that gets the kill shot on that enemy that gets credit towards their challenge?

One final question, is it worth taking the time to farm challenges early in the game? I’ve just got access to Concordia and wanted to spend some time farming challenges but wanted to know if it’s worth it

I think that was all I had planned on asking lol… As I said forgive my noob-ness, I’ve never played Borderlands before and only picked it up yesterday morning and haven’t done a massive amount with it.

If any-one is interested in farming some challenges and doesn’t mind have a complete utter Borderlands noob with them I’m down for it… If it matters I’m like lvl 8 I believe and wanting to farm some of the challenges in Serenity’s Waste and Regolith Range

I believe the enemies do not increase and if they do, not by much. The key is the strength of the enemy increases and their HP increases. So in an area where you get a few scavs, you may get a badass scav in place of one of them. Or they may all have shields or what have you. The difficulty is increased, not the number.

It depends on the challenge. For enemy kill challenges, I believe you have to kill it as an individual, whether it was your bullet, your action skill, your nova shield, your grenade or your DoT. If the last bit of DoT happens to be that fire barrel that your coop buddy shot, he/she gets the credit.

Absolutely. Challenges give you BA points which allow you to rank up in all those bonuses for all your characters. Having more reload speed, more damage, more shield rate, etc all around is just plain awesome. Furthermore, the earlier you can prestige (see this [link][1]) the more BA points you can accumulate even with one character.

[1]: Step-by-step Prestige Guide - Prestige Top Gear