Co-op Request to bypass bug - Jack's Wild - Moxxxi's DLC PS4


I am currently playing the Jack’s Wild quest in the Moxxxi’s heist DLC on my PS4, where I’m at level 48 in normal mode.

I had reached the stage when Freddie betrays the player behind a barrier. This is right after the constructor robot takes Timothy away, after which the barrier is supposed to open up, allowing me to progress to the next stage.

However, my game crashed right after Timothy is taken away by the Constructor robot and Freddie. When I booted back into the game, the barrier was still up and there isn’t anyway to progress the mission since the barrier refuses to open up. All of the usual ways to fix quest bugs (such as restarting the game and console) have not worked. This has effectively frozen my progress for the entire DLC, which is quite a bummer.

This seems to be an issue that has impacted many players online, as can be seen from the links below:

One of the easiest ways to get around this bug seems to be play the level over online co-op with someone who has passed the barrier stage.

Is there anyone who is willing to help a stranded player? It’ll take about 15 odd minutes on a PS4 and I’d be happy to send a request over PSN.

Thanks a ton in advance!

I can help. Saikoh23

Thanks a ton! I’ll drop a request in the next hour and we can figure out what time would work well for you from there.

As an update for the devs and other players, online co-op did not end up resolving the problem.

While the barrier is not present when I join the game of someone who has finished the level, when I go back to my single player experience the barrier is present. This effectively means I’ve been bugged out of the rest of quest and DLC! :frowning:

Gearbox, please do look into this and issue a patch or a hotfix. It clearly impacts many players (see the links in the original post).

Thanks a ton for your helping in trying to solve this via online co-op @bgnogan!

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No prob man. Sorry it didn’t work out

Has anyone found a solution to this? I just ran into this bug also