Co-op split screen


I’ve put about 250 hours into this on pc and decided to buy it again for PS4 to play with my sister. Even though I’m starting over, it’s worth it

but I’ve been looking for a topic about this for a little while now and they’re all from last year so I’ll ask myself

Is there a way to improve the split screen experience? As a veteran, I personally dont give a damn that I cant read the helix content because at this point it’s mostly down to memory but my sister, who has literally never so much as touched this game (cept the prologue) is going to struggle like hell

So yeah! any help? is there anything I can do?
Thanks <3


We’ve been asking for a long time for any improvements so sadly not really any improvements we can do

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dang, okay
I suppose it’s not too difficult to just tell her “the left helix does this, the right does that” myself

I just have a little concern about characters like deande who I dont know well enough to narrate :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

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Me and my wife splitscreening I would have her look at the character in the command menu before we went into the mission(she played mainly pve)

The best I could suggest is to use another device with Internet and have the helixes for characters up on them. I would say to have her play solo here and there but I assume that’s probably not likely to occur?

My wife and I split screen and have found similar difficulties. I’m a nerd who spends a lot of time reading about games so I got most characters down to memory for the helix choices pretty quickly. My wife struggles to do the same with more than one character.

Her solution was to write down the helix choices, she now has a little piece of folded paper she pulls out for Battleborn with a handful of characters and their helix choices on hand drawn diagrams. Looks kind of like this (middle number gets circled for mutations):
o - 1 -
o - 2 -

xl- 3 - o

I guess the main drawback is not actually knowing what the choices do, which has led to some funny conversations mid game! But she asks when she picks and I’ll tell her and she learned over time.

The split screen UI is horrible but the option exists which is more than can be said for most games nowadays.


Me and my gf had to upgrade to a bigger tv :laughing:

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good ideas, I like the thought of opening a helix summary on a laptop or something to help her out. Chances of her playing on her own are pretty slim, but miracles have been known to happen with her.

for example, she played CoD black ops at a friends place once? bought it as soon as she got the chance and put in more hours on that than i have on my most played game on steam lol

so you know, it’s possible.

Thanks for all the replies <3

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All in all BB is one of the best couch co-op games in existence. That’s actually how I got into the game. I would watch my brother play it and I remember thinking how crazy it looked. One day he told me to make an account and I jumped right in. Then the terrifying duo of Kleese and Galilea began.


I’m on a 54" TV and I still cant read a damn thing when doing split screen. It’s like playing Deadrising all over again.

i beleive theres a helix level chart thingy someqhere here on the forums, and theres also the ever handy

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