Co-op suggestions (visibility)

For now on PS4, not sure how it is on other platforms, it is hard to track teammates.

*Add indicator arrow on inventory-map to show where teammates are in relation to where you are zoomed in

*Add indicator arrow on mini-map to show where teammates are

*Add indicator arrow in first person view on peripheral vision to show where teammate is (like BL2)

*To arrow, add red strobe to show when teammate is in FFYL (wife and I getting into arguments over this because we didn’t see them, do not need divorces over this lol)

*Make text bigger on arrow of their name. It is SOOOOOOOO small.

*Make text more legible in general

(we also found out the hard way you have to use fast travel to travel to teammates car)


Just want to say I completely agree. My partner and I are having issues playing because of the lack of tracking features in this edition of Borderlands. This is a huge issue that needs to be addressed asap - this failing in User Interface severely diminishes the User Experience of cooperative play.

Another thread addressing the same issues:

Not only that but on Xbox the subtitles do not resize during cutscenes meaning they are still super tiny when it switches to one screen.

The menu also takes significantly longer to load than on Singleplayer/Online multiplayer

It would also be beneficial if we could change the split screen orientation.