Co-op tips & strategies for BL:TPS

What are the should do’s and don’t that every vault hunter must be aware of for co-op games with other vault hunters ?

For example:
During BL2 days, I didn’t know the zero sign above enemies meant that it takes additional damage from all sources, after i learned it, I started to take full advanage of it…


I didn’t know Athena’s shield absorbed damage can be reflected back to the enemies, Because I never had played Athena before. After I learned this, I when I see her shield is active, I avoid freezing any enemy infront of her. So that she can absorb and reflect as much damage as possible,

like this…

Dont dupe is the first golden rule.

Wilhelms with yellow glitch and vengance cannon will wreck all the enemies.

Ask Athena players if they’re specced into Stalwart; this way you know if they can absorb friendly fire with the Aspis.


I suggest you at least look at the trees. This will help familiarize yourself with what coop skills each has.

Laser Guided will use a laser to ‘paint’ a target red. That target will take 25% more damage
Energize will allow Saint to regen your shields every once in a while
Overcharge will show on your screen as floating lightening bolts. It is a buff when he pulls out Wolf and Saint. Movement Speed: +15%; Reload Speed: +75%; Fire Rate: +75%; Ammo Regeneration: +10; Duration: 10 seconds.
Zero Hour is a red circle on the when Wolf and Saint expire or are killed. It is a healing zone for 12 seconds regenning 8% per second.

Athena also has a Clear! which can pick you up from FFYL with just her shield.

I won’t even go into Baroness. Her contract is pretty badass and has a ton of benefits to both you and her if she is down that tree.

I would just look at all the skills and familiarize yourself with them. I would also play them. They are all very fun.


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The problem I had with the tree though, is that when I was doing a co-op with @FlamesForAll, I couldn’t tell how many stacks of anything he had. I figure that for a mostly co-op tree, they should tell the servant what is happening with her stacks for people who don’t have mics.

I agree, it is still a little one sided. My coop buddy and I have mics so he was always giving me the numbers of his baroness but yeah, I never knew how we were doing until he said something.

But we continue to wreck with Baroness/Jack combo.


That’s not a huge issue for Athena since she can still stack Maelstrom or if she is running melee than you’re doing her a favor.

But like @David_Ayy mentioned, Stalwart+Prismatic Aegis means that her Aspis can absorb multiple element types from friendly fire. So she can freeze a whole room if you shoot her Aspis once.

She can also heal you or recharge your shield if you’re within her Sphere of Influence. Look for the bubble and stay close to the tank.

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It sort of depends if you are talking about random, public games or playing with people you know. I wish random match-ups were easier in this game but: people’s skill points often get blanked out & have to be re-spec’d after joining (on PS3) plus – rarely but a handful of games available via match-browsing. All too bad since 3-,4-player co-op can be lots of fun.

But, in the vein discussed – Claptraps: don’t spec Torgue Fiesta 'cause it kills teammates!

Good list!

If you play with a Wilhelm who is a good painter and uses overcharge continuously they can be superb teammates. Especially keep an eye out for what he has painted as those targets will go down extremely quickly to concentrated fire . The 25% bonus applies to all players on the team.

A good painter will paint the most dangerous enemies and the kills will keep both Wolf and Saint in the air longer giving him more painting time. Besides overcharge it is Wilhelms best skill by far.

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So this one is plain and simple:

If you see Willhelm spawn Wolf (and Saint), follow Wolf and concentrate on targets attacked by wolf because it freezes them , so you can kill its targets easily

Another one:

If multiple vault hunters fall into FFYL, then first reviving an Athena can be a good strategy, because she can instantly revive the others with her shield.

Always tail the host unless stated otherwise.
Do not accept any side missions unless stated otherwise.
If Claptrap asks for a high five or Aurelia presents a contract, you melee it.
If someone is down, gauge whether it would be better to A) weaken a nearby enemy B) Freeze an enemy C) quickly clear the area or D) manually revive with some combination of A or B.
Revive with oxygen. ALWAYS.
If you open a chest and it has ammo, press whatever key you have bound to pick items up and grab it all at once as the ammo benefits everyone.

EDIT: added stuff
Athena with “Clear”. You may still want to manually revive. Reason being, you’re still mostly invincible while the shield is up and you can store damage while reviving. Plus, if you started reviving right after activating the shield, you can still put yourself in between the enemy and your buddy so your buddy doesn’t die again immediately. Also, if you manually revive one person but a second person is down but farther away, you can throw the aspis and revive the second person while still getting the first. Lastly, if you have points in Vanguard, the extra health regen will always be appreciated.

Claptrap: Avoid negative action packages. Clap in a box = not good, Torgue Fiesta is questionable but OK as long as you stay away from everyone.