Co-op Tower defense map:)

I was thinking that this game would be perfect for a tower defense map and with dlc coming at some point why not? Just thinking make it 4 lanes with 5 players defending a central point while mobs and bosses from the campaign walk down it. Add build ables between lanes and bam it’ll be lots of fun and not super difficult to make I’d think. If you got loot packs for every 5 to 10 levels survived I think the map would be very popular. Maybe make the levels scale infinitely and add leader board for teams that get the farthest or most points?

What do you guys think?


You played dungeon defenders, didn’t you!? O.- I totally agree. Me and my girlfriend were building towers in Saboteur and we had dd flashbacks and it was beautiful. They totally could do that kinda game as a side mission deal :slight_smile:


+1 this. Also a horde mode with lots of random events. Also a rogue-like randomized/infinite dungeon mode - probably taking place in a verelsi portal.


I would love an endless horde mode. It could work really well too by doing 4 maps, 1 for each enemy type (robot, thrall, varelsi, natives). Maybe a 5 for every type. Definitely want turrets in it.

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The game only just came out, but I find that you’re right. I love horde modes, and I would pay money if they put it in the game.

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+1 vote for tower defense / holdout / survival modes. I liked these modes in Transformers games, Warframe, etc

Also, I think it’d be interesting to have a team vote every, say, 5 waves - “vote to continue for chance at better rewards, but at higher risk of death” or “vote to exit with x rewards” - voting could even be done reusing the activation pads - if the majority of the team is on the “teleport the hell out of here” pads then the mission completes, otherwise it continues to the next 5 waves.


Tower defense type mode sounds like a lot of fun. I am all for more PvE oriented game modes =)

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Yeah, it would give the pvp dislikers something more fun than grinding the same maps too :slight_smile:

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They’ve said they’re working on new multiplayer modes, with one well ahead of the others. I wouldn’t be during this was one of them

The last tower defense FPS I played a long while ago was Sanctum 2, and it was great. So this idea could work.

And maybe every level or so you get maybe a common gear and every 5 level are gear of higher quality so that surviving/teamwork/ communication actually means something. (Maybe even be able to get challenges/lore challenges done in this mode)
You have my vote.

I would love a mode like this, actually. The Archive has some elements of this, so it’s possible to expand on that concept and make a full fledged mode out of it.

Honestly, more “hop in and play” modes for PvE would be welcome. I love the campaign and all, but sometimes you just don’t want to help Caldarius again


I think it’s better to just give the rewards at fixed intervals. Otherwise, you run the risk of screwing over players with limited time who have to leave the session (or who run into problems, or who just had enough, or whatever). Though I guess you could also fix that by simply letting players leave at their leisure with the rewards that correspond to the wave they were in, while everyone else stays.

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That’s not a bad idea. Instead of it being a majority vote thing - some people could vote to leave when they feel they’re done (or the item being offered is what they’re looking for) and the ones that want to stay can - the game adjusts difficulty based on the number of people left.

…One of the Arena battles in the BL2 Tina dlc would work for this.

Like the idea. Really does seem to fit the game. In regards of a connection to Dungeon Defenders.

How about this:

  • characters belong to specific subclasses. Like alani and miko support. Mike and Rath offense and Montana and Galth Defense. (just examples.)

  • We all know that traps and turrets have 3 different types. So what if a support character could buy the temporal trap cheaper and make it more effective while the offensive burning trap is more expensive for that character and does less damage.

So that way you gotta see what characters your teammates choose and coordinate to where each players builds defenses.

Be nice if someone from GBX came in here and was all like:

“Good idea mate! We will take this under consideration! Thanks for contributing this wonderfull suggestion!”

Or something along that line…

In hopeful preparation… YAY SOMEONE FROM GEARBOX IS HERE! \O/

That would probably be a lot of fun, definitely hope they do something like that.

This game is virtually begging for a cooperative tower defense mode. This would also, as a side effect, prompt a look at turret balance, probably perhaps!

I love cooperative content, and I love most of the upteen shmillion incarnations of tower defense, and I think I’d love this one too.

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Look up Dungeon Defenders if you haven’t. Not advertising the game, but a less in depth version of that would be freaking awesome on Battleborn

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