Co-op turrets less then favorable camera angle

So I got to play co-op online with my buddy while he played Moze and we decided to try out “Dakka Bear” the skill which adds the back seat gunner to Iron Bear. The damage output is great but your character takes up half the screen >.<
I was playing Zane so I can only imagine how much of the screen FL4K would take up. The aiming retical is also partially blocked by your character making it even more difficult to see what your shooting at. I really hope this is something GBX can and will fix. I do want to add that the skill is still usable and functional just not user friendly. With how much damage this turret dose it is very easy to get away with spray and pray. As far as I can tell the skill is a great way to help a friend feel proactive while waiting on there skills while also providing a good way to protect your friend as they don’t seem to take damage while in Bear.

If anyone else has any experiences with better with there FOV at different levels or maybe the camera is better on slip screen I would love to hear other perspectives to round out the feedback.

Lower/more narrow FOV (70-75) brings the camera right over the left shoulder and makes aiming the turret way easier (if you can stomach low FOV outside of the turret, personally it gives me motion sickness).