Co-Op with Mic?

Hey! I’ve been playing Co-op with my friend in BL2 but i’m getting bored trying to synch our schedules so I’d like to find some more people to play with. I have 2 characters: level 51 hellborn Kireg just about to start ultimate (but i’m not confident in my build going into UVM), and a level 16 Axton.

I have a pretty decent amount of knowlege of the game from watching youtube videos, but I’d still consider myself very new to the game, especially when it comes to “optimising” my characters.

I’m more than more okay with creating a new character and power leveling them off of my gunzerker (non-live profile) until it’s close enough to join your character.

I’d REALLY Prefer a person with a mic! My gamer tag is GayGatsbyy