Coaching from Competitive Battleborn Player

Good afternoon friends and foe alike. Competitive Battleborn player, Xanthos here from Draconic Force. Lately, a lot of us have been feeling that matchmaking has been unfair in balancing teams against one another. This could be due to a number of reasons:

  1. The Matchmaking system doesnt have enough data to determine which players should face.

  2. New players picking up the game everyday who have a wild variety of skill are being placed against other “Vets” of the game so the matchmaking can figure out a place to throw the individual in quicker.

  3. Skill-Based matchmaking has not been implemented as of yet.

I know Matchmaking is a priority for Gearbox and hopefully over the coming weeks they bring a few changes.

I have watched many different streams of “high-end competitive players” so far in Battleborn and a lot of them are making the same mistakes over and over again. I want to help foster a positive competitive community for Battleborn so I am going to start coaching.

You send me gameplay and I will go over it personally and critique the gameplay. When mistakes are happening, how you can improve from those mistakes. Difference of good plays and bad plays, all of it broken down.

If you feel like getting some coaching, you can drop in at my Twitch channel while I’m streaming or message me on there to schedule coaching. Sometimes all you need is an outside perspective to figure out where you’re making mistakes. You can find my channel here:

Thank you for reading this post and I hope to hear from a few of you from this wonderful community!


Ehm. I don’t want to sound rude… But wth? I mean, the game came-out a bit more than a week ago and someone already thinks that he can “coach” people? That just sounds highly arrogant and strange to say the least.

P.S. Is it just a self-advertisement attempt? Because it really looks like one, more than anything else


I have over 100 hours in Battleborn so far from CTT, Beta and Launch. I know a lot about the game and am a part of a competitive team that spends 4 hours a day testing and playing the game. There are many people complaining about matchmaking and how they are getting stomped.

I can not fix matchmaking but I can help teach people what I and my teammates know about the game to help give them an edge. Hopefully it will help people. I want the competitive scene to grow and with a positive atmosphere.

Part of the goal is grow my Twitch, yes. But at the end of the day, we are a community and I want to be a positive asset to it. This is one of the ways I want to give back.

Bump for positive goal but I really don’t need help. I solo que and I haven’t ever died more than 3 times in a match and best K/D is 37:1.


Appreciate the bump! Congratz man! 37:1 is crazy! My personal highest is 31 kills with Phoebe so you have me beat by a bit.

Not dying is great and all but there is much more to the game than that. Minion kills, shard spawns, controlling map, etc.

Who do you usually main as?

100 hours is not much. I’ve 100+ only in launch, would be about 150 if we would include Beta (my friend has about 200 combined). That is just not enough for someone to consider himself “good”. Of course it is more than many have, yet not much.

Teaching people is a good idea. But at current state of the playerbase “coaching” is a pointless overkill. Players mostly lack experience and basic understanding of the game, this is the most present issue. Guides and streams are much more suitable for the job and even with that you might hurt some players since your current vision of the game might differ with the meta that will be established after some time. So I would recommend at least waiting for some sort of meta to established first.

But whatever I guess, it just all seems a bit silly to me.

Also, matchmaking already uses a skill-based system. So that is some misinformation from you.

“-Adjusted skill-based matchmaking ranges to speed up matchmaking times” - patch notes. It was there since the launch day.

Might I tentatively suggest that you make ‘how to’ guides, rather than critique others? It just might come across as a little more positive, and be a more accessible resource for new players?

Just an idea, please ignore the hell out of it if you’ve already considered it.


Does a coach not teach? I am offering people a free service if they are wanting to utilize it. I am not asking for money nor am I asking for a follow. You are right, many people do not understand the basics of the game or what they should be focusing on. That is why I am here to help coach them, give them pointers and ways to fix their gameplay.

Yes, the game uses skill-based matchmaking. My post read, " This could be due to a number of reasons" meaning that we had no guarantee Skill-Based matchmaking was implemented in the game until todays Patch Notes.

Mostly thorn…

Nice gameplay. Did the game last the whole 30 minutes? What was the ending score?

Good idea!

Coaching is great when it is done by a player with great mechanical knowledge a huge experience in game. If it is not the case, and I doubt it is since I consider that you have to have at least 2k hours to understand a competitive game properly (+ some tournament experience and/or following the e-sport scene. Hell, even that kind of experience doesn’t always lead to becoming a good coach), that might actually be more harmful… That is due to coaching being a very strong method of learning/teaching. Unlike guides and streams which give a player chance to absorb information but also ignore some parts that they don’t agree on/feel like they are not ready for - coaching on the other hand is extremely influencial. Bad/unexperienced coach can do a lot of harm to the player.

“until todays Patch Notes.” We did know that. Developers told that on release date or the day after (I don’t remember). Everyone who followed the news, knew that.

Just because a Developer has said something is in the game does not mean it is or is working properly. Bugs happen all the time and can mess things up.

Do I know everything about the game? No I do not. Do I have a lot of knowledge of the game plus a strong FPS background? Yes I do. I am offering people a way for them to come find help in improving their personal play.

Knowing when to attack a minion or enemy player is important. Which one to target over the other at any given time. The goal is to teach people what I know about the game and what knowledge I bring from my FPS background.

I am offering a free service that does not hurt anybody. I am actually trying to build a positive base that people can come ask questions freely without room for rudeness.

Since you’ve ignored my most points of “coaching” being harmful sometimes and meta not even being established (making your game knowledge temporary and probably soon outdated), I’ll just abandon the conversation.

“I am actually trying to build a positive base that people can come ask questions freely without room for rudeness.” That part is great, the issue is - it has nothing to do with coaching as a concept. Coaching is somebody giving you his demo/playing under you supervision. It is not about player asking you questions, it is about you giving the critique and finding their problems. Which brings me to what I’ve said before - “Bad/unexperienced coach can do a lot of harm to the player.”. Bad/unexperienced coach, can be at the same time a great/experienced player.

You are right. But you have no idea if I am a bad coach or not therefore you are just stating potential negatives of everyday coaches.

If you would like, I could critique one of your gameplays, therefore you would actually have a true basis of whether or not I am a bad coach.

Points for trying to do something good in the community. Of course people can now check out your stream and get tips or just see how competitive play works. Not sure “coaching” is what you should be aiming for as for some of the negatives it implies, but do your thing man!

What character(s) do you main?

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Everything has negatives. Part of the world. Hopefully I can stay up to date with the game and how everything works so I at least can bring game knowledge during coaching. People can check out my stream if they would like too. One of the reasons why I listed it is so people can come ask questions, lurk and watch and all of that good stuff. This coaching would be me taking time out of my day to watch other peoples gameplays and giving my personal feedback off of it.

Appreciate the post! Building positivity is much better than focusing on the negatives.

Geez I can’t believe how many people are jumping all over you for such a nice gesture. I was hoping this post would just have tips in general or even for specific character types, I don’t really know how to submit clips and what not. But still nice to see someone trying to help.

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Appreciate the response. Any specific questions you would like to ask?