Cobra drop rate

Farmed this weapon for hours tonight… why is this thing so difficult to drop ?

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It’s bugged (or rather the drop percent is bugged). Gearbox employee Hellface clarified that the Cobra is in fact in game, as well as revealing the drop rate. Every time one of Pete’s burners drops a sniper rifle then it has a .88% chance (not 88%, but 0.88%: that’s 88 in 10,000) to be the Cobra. Might also need to be purple rarity too.

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Yeah. Although I don’t see myself using it with zero. I still want to see it drop and after 3 hours I’ll give it a rest til tomorrow…

You’re killing burners (not Pyro Pete, he doesn’t count IIRC) right? They’re the only ones that have a legitimate chance to drop the Cobra.

Yeah the burners all outside of the bar. I wonder if you can use the bar as a place to farm it.

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first it has to roll a sniper (13.25% chance), then it has to be purple(.09%), THEN it has a .88% chance to be a cobra. Basically, it has to roll a 1/1000 roll, and then another 1/100 after that.

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Do we have proof on the purple-only thing? It doesn’t really make sense considering Cobra is a unique item with it’s own rarity and less than 1 in 100,000 is so laughably low most wouldn’t get it in thousands of hours of tries. Blue or higher would be something I understand more and it would be it closer to getting a Legendary with the original drop rate which seems more reasonable given the actual finds of it.

Good luck with that- I actually got one while heading to the Barroom Brawl to farm Torgue tokens- it’s strictly a matter of RNJesus favoring you- you might have better odds at getting the Bitch and Sham to both drop together from Bunker than farming specifically for a Cobra…

Does anybody know how the increased drop rates affected the Cobra drops?

Likely not at all as it follows a very different mechanic (unfortunately). Not confirmed of course but I doubt it.

Maybe in one or two years you can get one. Good luck!

Lmao I guess I have a long road ahead, I can always try trading someone but it beats the point of getting it as a drop. I di wonder if it’s possible to get it in Petes bar while farming tokens

The only Cobra I’ve ever owned was from the loot hunt. Never had one drop in The Beatdown.

I have seen them drop for other players (on YouTube) after a crazy amount of hours farming for it. If anything it gives you something to shoot for and keeps you busy.

Yeah I just thought that any sniper that spawned with the unique Cobra barrel would be a Cobra, forcing it to be purple. That’s how it works with legendaries isn’t it?

I didn’t actually think about that explanation but it really makes sense. Although:

It was like that in BL1 but it doesn’t seem to work like that in BL2. GBX’ article on that matter explains that the random roll simply decides which rarity your gear has before settling on type and finally manufacturer. Parts are probably assigned at this point, including the appropriate barrel.


Because of this order and GBX’ (very loose) explanation on how the Cobra drop works we can assume it happens after the Sniper roll but this still doesn’t exactly answer how the game actually decides if it’s a Cobra or not. However, the rarity check happens before the gun type check so it really doesn’t seem like it is affected by rarity unless the coding specifically demands that the test for the Cobra only happens if it is Purple which is, quite honestly, absurd.

More questions than answers @_@


no, its more of it picks gun, gun is purple, purple gun is a SR, purple SR is Jakobs.

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I’ve been foolishly trying to farm a Cobra. I’ve been farming an hour or two every day for almost 3 weeks. I basically run a circuit around the Beatdown to that red chest. After a while I’d jump down and hit up that car trunk chest thing too. So far 19 total legendaries, 15 from the red chest, 2 from the car trunk, and 2 from garbage piles. And 1 pearl from the red chest. 13 blue sniper rifles, only two of which I thought, from a distance, maybe, might be Cobras. This could take a while.


FYI checking the chest has a 100% chance to not spawn a cobra (assigned to “burners” loot pool which is not shared with the chest and stuff in that area. Would be awesome if certain locations had different loot pools and then each item tweaked it but alas, that is not how it is set up -sadface-)

I don’t want it to seem like I thought a Cobra might pop up in one of those chests. I just look to see how many legendaries I’d get. Even the garbage piles now and then will drop something. I know I’ll be farming a while for this. Blowing up burners with Sal and two Norfleets that’s how you get the Cobra. :smile:


I have farmed the Beatdown 200 hours + off and on over the last couple of years. Tenacity is the driving force so I will keep trying. This is what Borderlands Wiki has on it ;

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