Cobra scrounging query

So, that Cobra. It says on the wiki that the Cobra drops (obviously with extreme rareness) ‘from any of Pete’s burners’. I’ve been wondering:

  • This obviously includes the Beatdown, but does it also have a chance to drop from Pete’s Bar?
  • Does this include anyone you fight in the Beatdown, or just certain enemies?

I’ve seen posts from folks in this thread saying that they got one from a burner in Pete’s Bar so I suppose it’s possible. I’ve always assumed that it was just the burners you fought in the first area of the Beatdown but since I’ve only gotten 2 Cobra’s ever, I could be wrong…

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I thought they fixed the “extreme” rareness, and now it’s just “standard” rareness? I’ve only seen one drop outside of the Loot Hunt myself.

I don’t think it’s the standard 10% like other drops. I personally had 2 drop before the fix and I’ve seen zero since. Granted, I don’t play as much as I used to, but I think I’ve played enough that I wouldve seen at least 1 drop by now if it was the standard rate.

Maybe I’ve just had extremely horrible rng? I don’t know…and to be honest I don’t remember what the fix was or if they ever stated exactly. Is it a 10% chance to drop the Cobra if a Burner drops a sniper instead of the old rate which was like .89%or something ridiculous. If that’s the case, I would think it’s still very hard to get one to drop.

It certainly used to be that every time you kill a burner, and it happens to drop a sniper, and that sniper happens to be purple, it has a .88% chance of being a Cobra (which is a tiny chance). But apparently it also received an increase with the last patch… not sure by how much, but definitively not to the level of other legendaries.

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I think I remember @LunaticOne saying he had one drop in the bar while power leveling others.

ONLY! Man I farmed that so many times, never dropped.

Rocking horse poo piles is the only place to find it. Still stupidly rare.

Personally I have little faith in what is said by GBX and what is reality. Obtaining these weapons should be a REAL chance, not days, weeks, months and now into years. It’s pretty pathetic really. Same as the Twister, it’s just ridiculous. At the end of the day it’s just a weapon and it’s not game breaking.

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Whoever thought up the Twister farming method is on my hitlist, along with the person who made the “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Assault Rifle” badass challenge and the person who gave the hint that Krieg and Maya aren’t together.


That was a myth (thank goodness). Hellman never said anything about the Sniper having to be Purple, it’s only whenever any Sniper drops that it’s a 0.88% chance, which is still somewhat close to the original Legendary drop rate thanks to several factors (it needs to be a Burner, that Burner needs to drop anything, that anything needs to be a gun and that gun needs to be a Sniper).
Presumably, GBX merely increased the chance of that Sniper being a Cobra but it’s still very rare, hunting them for hours without anything still being very possible. That said, it is probably still that much better as Cobra finds have increased severely since then. I had no such luck but I didn’t try that hard.

If it really were .88% of a Purple Sniper the chances would have been less than 1 in a Million back then. Whew…

Edit: I did some more indepth math, although a certain video helped, and, in Normal/TVHM at least, a normal Burner enemy should have a chance of 1 in 20,877,530. That’s right, 1 in 20 Million.
This is based on the data GBX has provided us in a Inside the Box article.
Badass Burners have a higher chance to drop more but they rarer so it evens out. Even if we assume Purples have a drop rate of 1/500 in UVHM it’d would still be less than about 1 in 10 Million so still insane.

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That’s good to hear! The wiki on that needs to be updated in that case. Do any of the miscreants in the Beatdown count as burners?

After the patch, I farmed for it . I got three in about six hours.

Someone in another thread was talking about trying to spawn Vermivorous solo post-patch, and got one spawn in ten hours. So, you’re much more likely to get a cobra drop than to spawn Vermi solo now.

[quote=“DaRTH_FuRioN, post:7, topic:1546712”]
Same as the Twister, it’s just ridiculous.
[/quote] The twister is an easy farm, it’s just boring to drive back and forth to get OOO to spawn. When he spawns, he has a very high chance to drop the twister, and if he doesn’t, you drive back and forth a little more I’ve gotten Twisters for every character at every level. It doesn’t take years, although it might take hours.

Hmm, it’s hard to know how lucky one is without a lot of data, but I did hear of lots more finds. Vermi has gone from virtually impossible to very hard to get solo.

Getting OOO can take a long time and some luck in legit single player, and even with friends, it’s the tedium of driving around in that dank swamp that stops me from doing it a second time.

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It really needs to be updated but there are some people there who quickly revert such changes. They probably mean well but it’s rather unfortunate.

So long as they have Burner in their name they should count towards the Cobra. The Beatdown does have the largest concentration of them so it’s the best place, you just need to know where. People did manage to get one in Pete’s Bar but because there are, ironically enough, only a few Burner enemies in there it’s much more difficult and not recommended.

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Great, thanks! I’ll have a go at changing the wiki. Do you know where the info originally came from? Was it a forum post? The link on the wiki is dead.

No problem :slight_smile:
Had to dig around a bit but here’s the updated link to that post/thread.

I quote: [quote]Any sniper rifle dropped by The Burners has a .88% chance to be Tiny Tina’s Cobra.[/quote]

Oh and I’ll leave the tool for updating old forum links here

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Nice digging! You are a true forum archaeologist :smiley:

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It didn’t take long at all with the 4-player glitch. It’s just way too time consuming now though. It’s not reasonable to expect a solo player to put ten hours into just spawning an enemy, especially when that enemy might just fly away, chase a helicopter, get hit by a passing train, or simply vanish for no apparent reason.

[quote=“hattieinduni, post:12, topic:1546712”]
Getting OOO can take a long time and some luck in legit single player,
[/quote] It can take hours if you’re very unlucky, but usually it takes less than an hour.

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I’m with you there! I’m on PC so I could… [long silence] but I prefer playing with friends anyway. I find both Vermi and Dexi a bore to solo.

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I’m well aware of how to do it, but he doesn’t spawn. It’s just another broken mechanic. Like many of the other things in this game that were and still are. So your just another lucky one to be able to spawn him, so you get the drop.

2 now, but as @BlackHeartV says there are only a few burner enemies so you have low chances, for me I power level there and it’s very possible for me to average around 150 or more runs in a 3½ hour period, As for drop rates in there it’s very hard to say as I don’t ck the floor very often (and after a set time the oldest Gear that drops starts to fade away), I watch for legends as I run tier 3, but very seldom pay attention to anything else