COD: WWII - How Will Gearbox Respond with BIA?

The WWII genre has now awoken after a long slumber. From what I witnessed in the trailer, we are getting the same old Good v.s. Evil, Nazi zombie killstreak, with more polished graphics and pricier voice overs.

Since 2008, I’ve been left with an iexcapeable feeling of disappointment with Gearbox after “Hell’s Highway”. Flat out ignoring our requests to reinstate the tactical, AI-squad based system in MP, and implementing a half-fast, farmed out system was almost insulting. The BIA: EIB MP system was so incredibly accurate on a tactical combat level, it felt like a war simulation rather than a run and gun video game.

After the “Furious Four” trailer, I must admit, I lost all hope in the resurrection of BIA. A franchise dedicated to historical accuracy, putting out something like that, I thought it was all over.

Fast forward another million years to present day, and we have a glimpse of hope. Maybe this COD cover art will really get Randy fuming to make a move back to his roots.

Please send your staff to the ARDENNES, ASAP. WWII was not black and white, but shades of grey. BIA was born as a non-bias, gritty, tactical, historically accurate, squad based, WWII simulator with a storyline… bring it back.


I believed on what you’re doing man, and I respect it. But, we can’t rush things here. Since everyone is focusing on Call of Duty: WWII, people will have less interest in BIA because they were all looking forward for COD to come out on November 14. If you want my opinion, wait till next year. I want them to actually get the game out now and I was thinking, “Why don’t they release it on exactly the same day when the battle took place?”. They did this when Hell’s Highway came out on September 17 so pretty much the last BIA game should come out on December 17, the day when the 101st Airborne were sent up to Bastogne.

I guess that there cold be a higher chance for us to actually see the last chapter for Baker’s and his squad but trying to re-create Bastogne would be difficult and we must have to use up all of Nuemann imagination in order to get an awesome storyline and the studio effort on making one of the best games out in the market.

I’ve long stuck to the belief that Call of Duty gave up trying to be realistic a fair while ago. It’s kind of an “arcade shooter”, but in terms of BiA, the competition is more centered around games like Red Orchestra, which further focus on historical accuracy and realism.