Code Redemption Failed or Not Authorized for Acct

If enter a code on the Shift website it says, “Code not authorized for your account.”

  • Xbox is linked and have redeemed codes less than a week ago.
    I tried in game it says, “Code redemption failed.”

There was also another message on the website, “Failed to redeem.”
This was after it seemed about to go through.

  • I’ve also submitted a ticket that had a generated reply and checked the Terms of Service. Not sure what’s changed. XB1

Youll get this code if you try use the code which is already redeemed.

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To add to GrzesPL’s reply, a code may be:

  • for a different platform than the one you have linked
  • past an expiry date (some codes have them, so don’t)
  • one you have already redeemed
  • a code that was issued linked to a specific account

Also note that some codes which are multi-platform can only be redeemed once per account.

What code were you trying to redeem, and where did you find it?

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Not really sure, I entered so many dang codes the past few days.
Will keep all this in mind tho. Thanks for the replies.