COG Soldier Gears of War Axton Build

I wanted to make a build based on Gears of War, specifically the COG soldiers. So I made this using the skin “Axton’s Blue Period” and the “Vault Veteran: Lancer” head. To look like the COG Onyx Guard use the “Vladof Sickle” or the rarer “BlackOps” skin if you have it. I’m sure there’s a few other looks you can pull off with different heads and skins, but these fit the look. Next, set your skill tree to something like this build
The slag turrets should be used as much as possible, basically the auto turrets from horde mode. Use a hoplite shield to give axton some weight and armor. I use my blue +6 steady +5 impact grenadier class mod with an explosive relic to do plenty of damage with explosives. Grenades are up to you, but a slag grenade works good. Weapons are your choice, but I recommend getting the 12 pounder rocket launcher as it has similar feel to a boomshot. I’ve been farming for rock variants of torgue weapons for the unique black look but now I’m using legendary weapons too. A rock ravager as a gnasher, a rock torgue pistol as a boltok (or DPUH) and a rock rifle with a bayonet as a retro lancer. Using a spitter or ogre as the mulcher is another choice, both really great guns. Cobra can even be used as a longshot. I’ve had fun putting this together, and I’d recommend tweaking it as you like. COG soldiers have variety. (I updated this to use the dpuh for extra damage and got rid of a few perks like onslaught to give a play style like gears, it even makes using cover a good strategy so I prefer it)

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