Col edition came gameless

I preordered the collector edition from Fnac, and the cardbox where the game should be is empty, I tried to reach Fnac, 2k, gearbox and none answer…

Not a single code inside anywhere? Based on what I’ve seen for other retailers, there should have been two - one for the game and one for the extras. Try Fnac again since they are the ones that took and processed your order.

For BL3, I believe 2K is handling tickets. The desk is very busy right now so it may take a while to get a human response but you should at least have an auto-reply email with a ticket number from the support form - if not, check your spam folder.

There is no download code whatsoever, the beautiful game box only comes with a cardbox inside. I searched everywhere.

I know with mine, the game wasnt in the big white box, the game case was in plain cardboard underneath everything else from the box