COLD bore guns you can get spammy with

since early days i never came here to post any builds or playstyle ideas and post flakker nerf i started to wonder about one thing. What can be spammed with cold bore+playing dirty to same effect?

now it was not much talked about but slotting in double flakkers and switch shooting them literally gave u multiplicative 0.3 boost with 1 mag now that not being an option. I have been searching for somewhat reliable guns for same type of nuking damage.

  1. scourge - has always been up there when you can make it shoot twice you get total of 4 shots before having to reload and that is a lot of damage. you can some what sustain spammy nature with BBB shield but it really powerful eitherway.

2.boring gun -while not as good as flakker nuking with cold bore dual boring gun spam gets off 5 shots each (with mag size boosts that is) and since this gun has synergy with playing dirty that is 10 shots of AOE saws everywhere (tons of visual pollution but hecks up shaft badasses nicely)

3.Muckamock-swapping high dmg snipers after each shot with PD is self explanatory

however i wonder what would be the guns that have following synergy: playing dirty synergy x1 or x2 projectiles per trigger pull; big damage per trigger pull; mag size big enough to get off few shots without reloading so we can take advantage of cold bore.

i really have ton of guns but when tested in field very small portion of all items will work under this idea. So what guns should i test? some rocket launchers and snipers without charge time are obvious answers but for real is there a high dps nuking spam through switching on every shot available outside of scourges and boring guns? flakker was truly just broken with it but now is the time to sloth in some other guns there and see who can stand next to scourge and boring gun. some shotties with alien barrel can get really funky with it.

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One pump chump and Hellwalker, while the latter is not suited for playing dirty obv.

yep these guns do not match criteria of being able to shoot multiple times before reloads. OPC is rng and never worked for me. i tried to make cold bore double pump with opc hellwalker in early days but reload really kills it double hellwalker is much better but it is not quite sth you can take in the shaft because of elemental lock. looking for gun that can shoot 3-4 times before reload or rocket launchers that can be super effective like scourge. but mostly regular guns would need 5+ shots to really be good against hardened mobs.

With reload times of a second (or less with skills), I always found these two to be more smooth to play than any other gun. The OPC in particular since it also has a dedicated source and you can farm it for the anointment you want.
Maybe you revisit it at some point and give it another try.

no i always have them on me :smiley: it is just not a great nuking combo if i have to play at opc’s pace i will just use monocle and get much more done. 1 second for every shot is actually a alot of time :slight_smile: if you are not one shotting a badass and without overkill you are not.

Well,… 50% is 50%…
Yeah well nuking sounds like get cutpurse and hive and flood the whole place, I’m not entirely sure if it’s doing something with cold bore or playing dirty though.

it does with catpurse you can cheese anything if you have facepuncher on you just spam scourges endlessly. i however do not engage in that kind of play style. opc is good on one shot setups and 50% is 50% indeed like rng is rng :d rng gods do not love me. as to hellwalker it is is just overall one of my fav and most used guns but these are not the options i am looking for.

you can notice that scourge flakker and boring gun fall into this category of bigass aoe dmg and slow fire rate being bypassed by swapping back and fourth that is what i am looking for-> things like maybe double mongol or double hive? tunguska does ■■■■ all. double wisp is an option but i do not think that tesla effect gets cryo only the projectiles would. also thought of double lob but it does no dmg what so ever. you get the drift one man can not remember all guns so you guys gotta help me out. setup is also not bad for vladof “sniper” launchers but boring gun does things on another level. tried devils foursums which theoretically fit the idea well but they are very hard to sweetspot

Host shot guns! Took me a moment but now I remember what I would have used ln a PD build

What brand are those? I assume hyperion? Either that or torgue i mentioned should be good indeed protuberance or some ■■■■. Really nice dps that is how i farmed my mayhem traunt when i had almost no legendary gear.

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Phebert? 2 projectiles, high damage (up to 2k per projectile), good accuracy, 10ish magazine (barebone DPS should be pretty similar to One Pump Chump).

I will look into it thanks

trevenators also work in this category but they have good fire rate on their own and 0.3 cold bore is not that big of a deal

I’ve done some testing with the wisp and it does exceptionally well regardless of modifiers at least on m2 Athenas. The crits work good if you’re using cryo zane with brain freeze and I wanna say the tendrils benefit from cold bore too but not sure so I’ll need to test it. But when I run into an area I shoot and strip shields and usually (depending on modifiers) most trash mobs are frozen or dead already. If you want PD synergy, avoid the ×2 on the weapon card version cause it doesn’t shoot a third projectile (maybe cause it’s a unique scenario and can only come in at max ×2?). I’ve been enjoying it quite a bit.

This is pretty great, but I’m still of the opinion that Cold Bore should be more useful on a wide array of weapons.

Not to mention it’s the only Non-Kill Skill in the tree, I think if they kept it the same but added a kill skill effect like after a Kill the bonus Cryo Damage is applied to your entire magazine, expires on Reload.

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it does shoot third it sits inside the left projectile :slight_smile: you can see in a photo mode as well

so far i have never seen playign dirty not work, it works with every x2 shotgun i tested

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It does work, can confirm.

Cold Bore is good on any strong weapon, singleshot or not. It just needs a high weapon damage card despite how many projectiles it shoots ince whatever damage you do is just gonna be increased by 30%.

Oh dude nice! No wonder the one I have hits so strong lol thanks for the info man

I think this is actually broken on vladof snipers with rpg barrel. No need to reload if timed correctly and high damage. Been boosting the cold shoudler with this skill and hitting almsot 30k per trigger pull

that is hardly broken :d but it does not work for nuking something it is just solid opener dmg time to time.

For mobbing it is completly busted. Isntant freezing eveyone in the radius and hitting for 30k a piece completly shuts down that area

mate 30k is really nothing freeze is nice but how many shots a second can you get : ) you have to sacrifice whole slot for it too. But if you think that is strong more power to you.