Cold money. :):)

Anyone over lvl 15 and using this tree? Do far it seems amazing :slight_smile:

As far as I am concerned once I got to 15 and got Ice Fragments and Polar Vortex that is the moment the game basically started playing itself.

Aurelia is just so much fun, I can’t wait to get into the Huntress tree.

Yea im using cold money and huntress. Im falling in love with her. She is an amazing character

Went down the Cold Money tree first and found a blue ‘Privileged One Percent’ class mod with buffs to Bitter Riposte & Frigid Touch (plus fire rate & reload speed). Found an even higher level ‘Privileged’ mod now at level 50 – amazing. I think this tree can support the Huntress tree & sniping style very well: keeps the mobs occupied (or dead) while you pick out tougher targets.

edit: the Privileged mod buffs to fire rate & reload speed are nothing to sneeze at, either. Torgue shotties come in handy with all the freezing too.

I love that class mod. It gives me two points in… I forgot the skill name but it’s the first one on the right that shoots ice shards when a fully charged shield is hit.

I think I might max out every skill in this tree just because it looks that amazing but I highly recommend a shield that has a recharge delay of one second. One hit while full abd you get your cyro shard from your shield then one it’s depleted you get a nova. With the one second delay you would get both in a constant basis.

Game over lol.