Collateral damage achievement

this achievement is driving me nuts been trying to get this for a while now with no luck yes I’ve seen videos on how to get this either I’m stupid or just have crap luck cause even after trying what I see in the videos over and over to many dang times I still cant get this thing. any help/tips on getting this is appreciated. btw this is last achievement I need to have them all in the game

Wow, still hasn’t popped - I’ll try to help tomorrow if you haven’t got it by then Peter.

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That one was annoying…

I ended up taking my level 50 Willhelm into NVHM to do it. A few tips which I didn’t see mentioned in any of the videos I saw on the achievement:

  • If you’re over-levelled, make sure you pick up an at-level weapon to aggro the guys so they evolve but don’t die

  • Make sure you don’t have EDD13 equipped; also, make sure you’re not wearing a spike or nova shield, or one of the legendaries that fires homing darts

  • You may also need to disable certain skills by respeccing; basically, you want to make sure that there’s no reciprocal damage should you be attacked - you’re going to rely on sheer magnitude of your health versus enemy damage for survival

  • When one of them does evolve into the right form and they start shooting those spheres, keep moving so that a Dahl soldier or eridian is always between you and them; you can get them to follow you further in, but sometimes it takes a while as they have to finish the full firing animation before they can come after you.

Good luck!

finally got this achievement the other day thanks @Tokesy97 for helping