Collateral Damage

Steam Achievement: Had a Lost Legion Eternal kill 3 of his friends

How the hell do you get this one? Do Eternals attack their allies like BL2 Goliaths? Or do you need to do something else?

They don’t inherently aggro allies, so you have to get either a suicidal Eternal or an Eternal Magus after the ascending. Depending on the case, you’ll do something different:

Case 1 - Suicidal Eternal: Lure him to a place with three of his allies and let him go off.

Case 2 - Eternal Magus: These shoot orbs that deal damage. Have one of the Eternal’s allies standing between you and the orbs and it will kill it with no problem.

I personally prefer to do this in the first area with enemies in Tycho’s Ribs with an Eternal Magus. The turret makes for a big and hard to miss target, so it’s a guaranteed kill.

I never thought about using the turret, makes this achievement a hell of a lot easier. Those squirmy Dahl soldiers just don’t wanna get hit! Also, do they have to kill 3 of their friends in the same play session or can you save & quit and use the turret 3 times?

Same play session, sadly. Quitsaving and coming back resets the achievement’s count, and so does dashboarding (alt+f4), obviously.

I think the best way to get the first two, and maybe even all three, is to use a low-level longbow cryo singularity grenade on the soldiers and then have the Eternal kill them. Wether you do that before or after using the turret, doesn’t really matter.

Thing about using the turret is that it’s a bit elevated, and if the Magus stays on the lower ground, the orbs can just hit the platform’s side and stop there.

This achievement sucks.


It took about an hour to get the achievement, but here’s how I did it:

As mentioned above, go to the first large area in Tycho’s Ribs, which is through the tunnel leading out of the zone’s starting area. When you exit the tunnel, you’ll see a tent to the right. That’s where you want to head.

You have two choices: you can either run around and aggro a few enemies or, if there are enough enemies around the tent (three, plus the eternal) you can head straight for the tent. There’s a gap between the right side of the tent wall (as you’re facing its door) and the rock wall enclosing the area. You do NOT want to go there. Instead, you want to jump onto the tent and fall into the tiny gap that’s BEHIND the tent. Enemies can’t touch you there, no matter how hard they try.

By jumping behind the tent, all of the enemies you aggro’d will huddle at the front, by the tent’s door. This is when you jump out of the gap, run to the front of the tent, and put a bullet into the eternal so that it’ll ascend, then run back into the gap.

The last part is luck, unfortunately. After I shot that eternal, it ascended into the exploding variety, killing all of the enemies huddled around him at the front of the tent. It took an hour for me to get the exploding variety, but YMMV.

Feel free to ask me for more details if this was super confusing. I’m a bit tired today. :smile:

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All my characters were level 60 when i decided to start this. I went to normal, melee’d an eternal, hoped it didn’t die (AIM FOR THE FEET) and went magus, and then awkwardly sponged infinite damage while the magus eventually killed random legion ppl. Took like 10 minutes (I did in the area right before eleseer cuz alot of marines are there). Welp, just like that turret mission, it’s a pain in the ass, at least you shouldn’t be killed by the things that you are waiting to die.

i did this way i just let the workers infected with space hurps fight you and go behind a worker or gaurdwhen the lost legionshooting you just stay in the middle of fight just dont get killed and yeah right this is expensive but easy way of getting steam achivement

…? I thought it had to be an Eternal killing Dahl soldiers, like everyone else in this thread explained? Does it also work with Rats & regular Dahl soldiers?

Is there even an area that has both the space herps infected AND eternals?
I think not…

I believe the Dahl Corps in the entrance to the Veins of Helios have a chance to spawn an Eternal or two among them.

I’ve been there many times and none of them have been Eternals, the first Eternals that spawn are in Vorago Solitude.

This has been my experience as well.

Yeah, I was wrong. Just did several runs through that area and found no Eternals.

It depends on the playthrough I think,but the first eternals spawn in the second phase of the Zarpedon fight on Helios (I know this for sure).

You can kill guardians too, I did it with a commando, a cheru, and a marine

yes they spawn eternal in UVHM at the entrance where the vendors are but at a reduced spawn rate as compared to last areas of the game

Well, those runs I mentioned were on UVHM and I found no Eternals.

However, you can just discard it if they only spawn there in UVHM, since you’ll want the lowest possible HP for the dying enemies.

More like. You don’t wanna get ur but downed trying do coax the eternals to hit their friends

That too, but this achievement is annoying to get in NORMAL mode as a Level 60 character, I imagine how painful it would be in UVHM