Collection of my game play

My current videos of game play single and multiplayer split screen enjoy or not.
So the good with the bad. :smiley:
As I am playing often there’s likely to be a video a day.
I tend to play when i get home from work about 10:30 pm EST then I’ll move the recording to the folder the next day. And while not organized there is two story lines going on. I will be playing my own story line by myself (Amara Siren) and playing my friends story line (He’s FL4K BeastMaster) when he gets home usually about 12am.

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Collection getting huge peeps.

Just beat the 9th boss ie the second vault monster of the game The Graveward
And he was not so tough but a slow fight 25 minutes to kill in my war of attrition. But it was cool i seriously tanked all his attacks. Thank the gods fro a shield with 30% fire reduction. LOL
But collection has 22 videos to make you laugh, cry, go What da heck?

Plus I have titled them all for easier finding of of bosses and world location play.