Collection of tips for the new guardian takedown

Post what you think would be useful to other players who want to test their skill and gear in the new takedown!

  • Use Laser fare modifier! It provides easy targets for ffyl in a place where everything is super tanky.

  • The crystals: until they change something it’s gonna be the most difficult part. Go for one of them and try your best to charge it. Keep enemies away with auto bear, a pet, the clone or phasegrasp and try to kill mobs as fast as possible. As soon as one is charged run for another one until enemies come. As soon as they arrive run to the other and try to charge it like the first one. If you get zerged too much run between the two and little by little they should charge.

  • First boss: when she charges the explosion just jump on a side platform using a jump pad, turn around and go near the jump pad where you landed. As soon as the boss’explosion occurred jump back down. The enemies on the platforms will delay their explosion enough to give plenty of time to put this strategy to work.


Little yeeti can help getting mobs out of the crystal area or pushed off and cliff.
Freezing a flying enemy over an abyss is an easy kill, with Zane in particular.
Black hole can keep enemies away.
Deterrence field can keep enemies out or inside.
Clone can be your platforming failsafe.

Edit: you can add healy avenger and buddy system to the laser fare recommendation


For anathema, look out on the red beam in the platforms it means it will blow up as well. Go to the platform without a red beam. On the last phase, your method is what i do since it is unavoidable