Collector Ai is a bit off

Was playing talas - lots of rocks near start, Lots of free rocks with no collectors on them. After issuing a harvest command the collectors oblige but:

1 or 2 wait on the collector on an asteroid with one latch point. Why not have them go the next available asteroid if one is available. Selecting the collector and clicking the free asteroid is ignored by the game until the collector is either told to stop or moved then re-issued the command

Can the collectors manually be assigned asteroids they will mine until drained?


You mean one harvester to one asteroid? Hmm. Nice idea.

I’m in favor of that too.

I mean a collector waiting on another to finish when there is free asteroid with no collectors on it right next to it.

I also mean obeying the dock or move command when issued because there is usualy a reason for it. Instead they tend to sit there until THEY decide they should move - which is usually after they are blown up.

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HW classic had a provision for collectors to dock when taking damage. It came in really handy and saved many ships from being destroyed in ignorance.


By dock? actually entering the mothership or carrier so it can be transported.
or do you mean as it deposits its rus .

because as it deposits its rus , in hw2 , it heals the unit

I mean dock as in dock - not drop off ru. Example - I see a bunch of inties heading for my patch and order a dock or a move. The command is not acknowledged, or is not acknowledged by all collectors.

It seems that some of them just decide they are staying put until their load is full. By that time the inties are on top of them.

Losing a few in this situation has nothing to do with player as I had more than enough time to move/dock all of them - if they obeyed commands when issued.

On talas - i have a collector waiting on another one to finifh when there are asteroids right next to it with no collectors attached - it could have been collecting, not waiting.

Hence, iffy ai.

i know that when moving collectors…theres always 2 or 3 that you have to add an extra command. Press stop then move, rather then just select and move.

im trying to figure out which collectors it is or if its random

  • Cols waiting for rocks
  • Cols waiting for depositing
  • Cols exiting depostiing


I tried that. Even the stop then move doesn’t seem to always register with those bozo pilots.

They are just too dedicated to doing their job, even in the face of death.