Collectors Edition and No Soundtracks Yet?


I am a Homeworld Remastered Collectors Edition owner and I have yet to receive my soundtracks.

My email has not changed since I was emailed a CD Key due to late shipments from Amazon UK.

How do I get my soundtracks?

Thank you!

You need to redeem the actual CE Key that was inside the CE Box. If you haven’t redeemed it, then you aren’t going to get anything yet.

And for the record the key that’s inside the CE Box is not a Steam key, it’s a key that you redeem on a website that will be on the card.

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And they also said in the posts announcing that CE people would be getting them should submit a support ticket if they don’t get it.

The email just came to me a whole week after it was redeemed, so it’s just a slow process. You do need to redeem the code in the CE to be eligible (but you are not required to actually use the steam key, it’s just necessary to redeem the code in the CE to get the free tracks).

Thanks for the reply people. I will redeem that code now too.

Ok I went to the redeem website and put in the key and email info then it gave me a Steam key. I went into Steam and tried to activate it but it says I already own it.

Is there anything else that you may recommend?

Thank you!

The CE code simply gives you a Steam Key. If you already purchased the game or got a code by contacting Gearbox, you can just hang onto the steam key for later use, in case you need to create a new steam account for some reason.

The only requisite is to register your CE box code on the CE website: you don’t need to use the steam key given from that code for getting the OST.

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I would do what Xercodo suggested:

(Emphasis mine)