Collectors Edition Availability Questions Master Thread

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If you have questions about the availability of the Collector’s Edition of BL3, or want to make a request that it be available in your region, please post in this thread.

Much appreciated!

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Been checking ever since announced. 2K shop doesn’t have it for PC, Borderlands lets you only choose Spain and France with no retail options.

What is going on? Am I missing something?


Heyho everyone, I have a question. Im from germany and I would like to buy the collector’s edition but its not avalible in germany. So can I buy it from UK and play (on PC)?

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i live in denamrk and have for the last 1 hour and 30 min tried to pre order the collectors edition for ps4 (since i get a copy of that for pc) but it says it is out of stock is this a bug. or is it already sold out?

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sorry about any typo’s english isn’t my first language

(Michal Sixta123) #7

Yes i am from czech republic and i can´t too buy collectors edition for pc

(gta8545) #8

btw yea i did try to pre-order the collector’s edition for ps4. and then re-buy it for pc but it i says it is out of stock

(Nimassus) #9

I just guess they havent set up their stores yet. we are trying to preorder our diamond chests since the announcement is up but always get redirected to the message saying its out of stock right now. My guess is they are actually working on getting another retailer into this and doing the final pictures to show the content of the boxes before they put it up for actual preorder.

(gta8545) #10

i really hope so

(Nimassus) #11

as long as there are no preorder esells over at ebay, it isnt sold out i think. scalpers are fast to put it up like an hour after everything officially is sold out

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(gta8545) #12

i can do nothing but hope

btw i have excatly the same problem

(Nimassus) #13

i europe, it usually takes a few hours/days from announcement to pre-order. and since amazon is most likely going to get the edition as exclusive, it will be up tomorrow i guess. but im off work atm, so ill let you know once i see it up

(gta8545) #14

i would appreciate it if you do :slight_smile:

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it is stated here as being out of stock aswell

if it dosnt show then just click load Previous

(Nimassus) #16

mostly because it may never been in stock right now :neutral_face:

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(gta8545) #18

i dunno i am just scared that it is already sold XD

(Nimassus) #19

me too but since the announcement, im sitting here, refreshing every few minutes. people were waiting for BL3 way to long but honestly, a 250€ collectors edition rarely gets sold out this quick. most of them are still on shelves and easily available for retail prices online. Back in the day i bought the gentlemans clap edition for handsome collection, brand new for like 115€ instead of the initial 300€ :grin:

(gta8545) #20

danm i got that for the initial 300€ XD