Collectors Edition: Getting Pre-order Steam Codes?

That’s good to know. Thanks for the super-quick reply!

This sadly shows how indoctrinated players have become on games having bits shaved off for different order types and how the industry has been when they can’t look at the store page for a definitive answer.

I’m not really expect that the CE might come with more content, but I wouldn’t have been surprised if there was something small like it showing up as “collector edition” in your steam library or the sort of thing.

I thought you’d all like to know: my Amazon order now shows an estimated delivery date of Wednesday, Feb 25th!

Very very excited.

Got the same e-mail half an hour ago. I may or may not have arranged to have that day and the day after off from work :smirk:

It looks like, in order to guarantee arrival of your collector’s edition on the release date, you should be certain to utilize at minimum 2-day shipping. Using standard shipping, my estimated arrival was on March 3. I bumped my delivery speed up immediately.

Quick question will the CE code be any different from a steam version? because i sorta bought a steam copy AND a CE copy and didnt think they would be different

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They’re not, someone from Gearbox commented on this in another thread (I don’t remember which.)

thank you very much <3 i can give away my CE… mmm

Someone, somewhere linked this german unboxing. German Unboxing

I went and found an english version as well so that I could understand it. English Gamespot Unboxing

Hmm. I’m going to chew it over for a few days on if I keep my preorder or not. I see the UK Edition has now sold out as well

For me when ordering via amazon UK the cost to bump up the shipping to 2 days was 27 dollars… At that point it’d be a better buy to get it from steam for 29 dollars and attempt to sell the codes that come with the collectors edition or gift them

Mine still says they need more time to estimate a ship date. :frowning: ordered mine in August.

Will the key with the Collector’s Edition be any different than buying it from steam? I want to buy it on steam and then give my friend the key from in the box later, BUT if the key in the box is for a “Collector’s Edition” edition in steam there is no way in hell I’m giving that to a new Homeworld player.

its not different at all ive made sure… not that it matters to me since im no longer gettting C:E