Collector's Edition has arrived! (Pictures included)

First time posting here but have been following the community since the Remastered edition was announced.

I think I might be the first one here to receive the Collector’s Edition, so wanted to share a few photos. The model of the Mothership is extremely detailed, I need to find a good place for it.

The art book has some impressive work, had a quick look through and it seems there’s a lot of information about the universe of Homeworld.

The game doesn’t unlock on Steam for another 5 hours, so I don’t think I can play it until then. Can’t wait though!

My phone battery was about to die when I took these pictures, so it’s all I could manage.

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I have my copy to, and all I can say is Amazon & Gearbox, all is forgiven, all those devs who worked on the software and physical components of the collector’s edition have really done the biz. Very pleased… thanks people. Only next time (like when Shipbreakers finally appears) please, please tell the world well in advance and plan the release based on lessons learned this time. Distribution isn’t easy but it has all come good in the end; the Collector’s edition is assume :slight_smile:


The details are better than I expected… well it costed too many RUs for me anyway so I’m just going to stare at it here.

But the million dollar question is: if you right click on it does it actually build ships?

Awesome! Thanks for sharing. Everyone is super excited for you guys to play it! Enjoy!

No, but if you poke it it says “mothership”

With what voice, original or Remastered? :wink:

No, it has NOT arrived in Europa/Germany, so speculators go nuts.
I will not pay twice, if i can’t get the CE, i wan’t pay for the remaster.
I will not get illegally either, i work as a programmer and support the works of other programmers.