Collectors edition in germany / europe

Where is it?
Its sold in the US and speculators start to sell them for ridiculous prices (245€ = 274$)

  • I will not support speculants.
  • i will not buy the Digital Edition either.

I supported the development and voted for the CE specs i WAS a faithfull customer over every part of HW. If i can not get the CE from a regular game seller, you lost a customer. (I know, just one, however…)

It has been/was available from for Pre-Order for quite some time. I believe it may be sold out now, but it was available for a very long time on there before release.

I had to order mine from there (Aussie Customer) So I know it was availabl, at the very least since, November on there.

EDIT: Sidenote, the CE is still the Digital Edition, Steam n All. It comes with a Redemption Code to get the game on Steam, and the Mothership etc.

NO it has NOT been available to preorder! I would have done it imediatly.

You say if i order via Steam i can order the CE?

It really definitely has, I ordered mine a few months ago, from We in Aussieland couldn’t get it from USA either and had to use

Nono what I mean is, in the CE you get the Steam Edition, no physical disc etc.

Tried UK there, always showed “not availabe, you can get a message when its availble…”
Now i can get a sale from an amazone reseller for neat 245 Bucks.
Imagine how pissed i am.

Oh great i can order it via amazon UK now, BUT i need a credit card…
I must say i feel much better now. /sarcasm