Collector's Edition Miniatures


A little bit of background, I just had my daughter earlier this week, and my wife and I decided to name her after Amara after we saw her reveal. Now, with this in mind, I am curious if the miniatures will ever be available for sale outside of the collector’s edition, and if so, what the price of them would be.

Would anyone be able to expand on this, it is perfectly fine if they’re not available for sale separately, I am just trying to see.

Thank you all, and I wish you the best!


My guess is that, unfortunately, they would be available from scalpers and the like for fairly high prices. I doubt the figures would be available separably unless the Vault Goddesses and Gods deem us worthy. I could be wrong though…


I would imagine they would make another form of a collectible for the game. Gamestop would definitely have something like that in the future. As far as the same exact ones in the collector’s edition, probably not.

There is already a company making figures of characters. 4 available I think at the moment including BL3 Tina and Moxxi.