Collectors Edition Pre-Load

I bought the collectors edition (PC) in france. Is there any way I can pre-load from Epic Games?

Also, is the actual game included in this edition? I think it is, but I’m not sure if I understodd correctly.

Part of your question is answered here:

The game is being made available for download ahead of actual release. My understanding is that all PC editions were for a digital download through EGS.

Just a question. How did You bought collector in Europe since there wasn’t any possibility for that? It was region locked to US.

When it was announced I went to the offial BL store. There was a section for the collectors edition with several shops listed for europe. Not many and the last one that still had some in stock was a french one.

You’re making me a little bit nervous here… I didn’t have to pay yet, but the order is still active without any note from the seller.
@VaultHunter101 Can you tell me if I will get the collectors edition under these circumstances?

Sorry - I don’t know any details beyond what’s been published by GBX/2K. The initial set indeed sold out very quickly. I would assume your order would be honoured as long as everything went through initially. Did you get any kind of email confirmation? You should also see the purchase go through on your credit card when the item ships.

From what I know, You can’t pre-order without paying.
That’s the case with pre-ordering.

Depends on the lead time to shipping. Sometimes, the company will put a hold on the card rather than putting the purchase through immediately. I did my past pre-orders in-store, and I had the choice of paying a deposit or the full amount.

Deposit or full amount is still paying.
Phantom didn’t pay anything. That’s why I’m concerned.

So you will be charged when the item ships, which should have been detailed on the 2k site when you ordered. And the collectors edition comes with a code for the game, so you will need to wait for the item to arrive at your house (or where every you ship to) to get the code out of the box to download on epic.

2K told me they will try and have them arrive on the 13th but not sooner when I reached out to them with the same question. Hope that helps.

I have a confirmation mail from the seller. By the way I will never order anything from them again. No support, and apparently I needed to enter my before making the purchase. I did that afterwards, but somewhere I found a small text saying it doesn’t take effect for earlier orders.

I didn’t worry about it earlier because my order says: Will be shipped between 12th and 16th.

Needing to translate everything via google translate doesn’t help.

Agreed. French -> English gives you Googlish, while English -> French gives you Googlais; neither is a good translation!

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Thank you all for replying to me. I guess I can only hope that everything will work out. I will try to call the customer hotline. I doubt it’s going to do anything but cost a lot of money (0,70€ per minute while IN FRANCE!). The most likely outcome will be that nobody speaks english. Good times.

Sorry for the stupid question BUT is pre-load only available for those with digital copies of the game and not physical copies OR can people who got the physical copies pre-load before sticking the disk in?

I don’t play/buy many games.

That was my original question as well.
From what it looks like, you will need to wait until you have the box in hand. There will be a code you have to activate and only then can you start the downloads.