Collector's vs. Super Deluxe

HI!!! First post so sorry if I get stuff wrong. I’m a numbers gal. I love DnD in no small part because I get to fiddle with numbers. I like math puzzles in the newspaper. Okay that’s a lie. But I do like math puzzles! The pre-orders feel odd to me and I’m at a personal impasse. I have the Collector’s pre-ordered, but thinking through it there are only 6 things you get that you can’t get in the Super Deluxe (SD) version. The price difference, after taxes, shipping, etc. is (in my case) almost exactly $200 (usd). So, now I ask myself: are those 6 collector’s items worth $33.34 each?

What are all y’all’s opinions? IDK, I’m being a poor privileged lost soul, I know. I might regret not getting the items, but I might also regret not having that $200. We also don’t really know the quality of the items which is a concern for me. Will they just be cheap plastic box and faded paper and cloth with poorly colored minis? I can’t make choices for myself right now!

That’s really going to vary from person to person.

…sounds like you’re in the middle here. Some people can’t fathom spending $200 for something like this, where others might drop $200 on this and not care if it turned out to be something they didn’t like. The following replies will just give you a feel for what the local average is, which may be misleading. Maybe $200 is a lot for someone, but this is still totally worth it. Maybe $200 is nothing for someone, but they also don’t care about this bundle.

My data point: I don’t even know what’s in these pre-order bundles, as I’m waiting for the Steam release, and these might change by then.

Well, i believe depending on the added tax (probably from your state) I got an additional like $23 with the collectors edition.

And i guess it does depend on the person buying either one. For me, it was something i said i must get it. And all the content it comes with i am pretty excited about it.

super deluxe would be the next best thing. if one doesnt wish to spend so much on goodies.

When I was looking at it, the difference between SD and Collector was 150 bucks. It was 100 for SD, or 250 for Collectors. And I was like “okay, I want the box…but do I want a map? And a model? And…I mean, if Gaige, Lil, and Maya figures were here, I’d be more stoked…but…like…if I get this will I like it, or will I just have more stuff to move around”

So…I took the 150 I thought about spending…and then bought my brother a SD pre-order and myself a tumbler and the Tiny Tina Card Game from Gearbox, just to have a collectable.