Collision Avoidance with large objects?

Yes, that old problem…so, let’s say I want to make a giant spire that protrudes into the play area from below…

It works when the spires are fairly small.


But if they are large, like that large one in the center, the harvesters head towards the spire and stop way short of it. And then they just sit there and chill.


Suggestions? Ideas?

  • Break up your object - visually use a single mesh… but have smaller collision objects built up to create it.

  • Asteroids will group up and create large bounding areas that lock out ships - but ‘dynamic’ objects are avoided on their own. So just build it from some shapes that you can lock together and ships will be willing to get MUCH closer without screwing up performance too much…


This is pretty relevant for the base game as well, the Motherships/Flagships and other big ships show some pretty awkward behavior when you try to place them nicely next to asteroids…

I think it was the last patch that greatly improved that, no?

I still had major trouble placing the Vaygr Flagship nicely on Hostility’s end. It was kind of derping a lot until I just gave up and decided not touching it is the most efficient.

Thanks for the advice @bitvenom! Will do. :smiley:

If I remember right, in the Classic HW if you made a wall out of two objects, the ship would try to fly around the nearest one ignoring there is the other right next to it. Then get utterly confused as a fly on the window.

Does that work now? Because from what I’ve seen in my megalith map, it doesn’t look like it does. Sometimes a ship gets a bit stuck in another object while making a big circle around the first one.