Color blind options would be much appreciated

As I’ve mentioned in the game chat, the red outlines are utterly invisible to my eyes since I have a form of color blindness (protanomaly) where reds are basically dimmer than they should be and have a tendency to blend in with almost anything. In other games with forced red outlines (such as Overwatch and Quake Champions), I’ve found that the built in options are completely ineffective at helping the issue. The best I’ve been able to do to compensate is to use Nvidia’s driver options to shift the hue of my entire monitor by ~140 degrees so that all colors are shifted. Red becomes green, and I can suddenly see the outlines like I should be able to. But the game looks awful because… well… (that’s a picture from my phone since screenshots don’t actually show the hue shift)

Keep in mind that not every form of color blindness is the same too. Other colorblind individuals might not have as big a problem with red. So while I personally would like to have green or white enemies with a white or green crosshair, that wouldn’t work for everyone.

The ideal option is most likely to provide some sort of color picker that allows players to choose their own set of colors for the enemy outlines and crosshair. (On that note, a crosshair picker would be great too, but I do like the provided crosshair)


As someone who is not color deficient, but is running on a workstation series laptop (and therefore a kind of crummy display) I’m having similar issues. Possibly having the ability to define enemy outline color based on the map could come in handy.
P.S. @kovaak you’re going to want to kill that link. Just use a generic colorblindness example instead

Thanks for starting the thread Kovaak!
While I am not colorblind, I do get eye fatigue quite quickly and have found that using game’s colorblind option a huge relief, (Especially if i want to binge for a few hours of gaming!)
For instance, I would love to be able to change this site’s use of white text on black to a dark on light background (there might even be a setting for that somewhere, i just haven’t dug that deep into the options yet!)
Thank you to Bitvenom for listening, and I am sure that the 3 types of colorblindness and color correlation choices can be added in the future for ease in playing!

Wait, so you mutilate everyone with electricity, without being able to see the helper outlines?!? What’s going to happen if colorblind options are added? We’re doomed…

But seriously, please add these options. While I don’t suffer from color blindness (that I know of), I would also pick chroma key green as the outline, out of preference.

In the meantime, maybe @kovaak can get a command-line flag to switch the outlines to green? :slight_smile:

Gbx have added options for colour perception differences in previous games, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they do it here.

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So, as of Build 35, there are now options to change colors of enemy and teammate (per-map even, which is awesome)! I’m very glad to have these options available, but I think the request that another color blind guy and I mentioned in the game hangout was slightly misread. We wanted options to have our own colors set to blue and enemy colors set to either green or yellow. The options available are inverted from that (enemies are blue, and self is yellow or green).

As it stands, the blue used is very bright and hard to distinguish from the crosshair. A differentiation between crosshair color and enemy color is pretty important.

But it’s a huge step forward, and I am certainly grateful! :slight_smile: