Color Coded - Grinder Recipes [Guide]

That’s scary! I haven’t had an opportunity to do many purple grinds myself recently, but they’ve all been unsuccessful as well. Two possibilities: we were both really lucky at first to be running at ~1 in 10 success rate; or, it’s still ~1 in 10 and we’ll get 2 or 3 in fairly quick succession at some point. Realistically, we’ll need at least 200 grinds to say anything with statistical significance…

Well I’ve yet to get a legendary by grinding purples (other than CMs). I’ve done bunches.

What is worse is purples are really hard to find. Blues are somewhat easier, but it takes 9 of 'em to get a 3 purple grind.

I just look in the Golden Chest if I’m really stuck, but I know what you mean. If I want to do a bunch of grinding, I’ll clear as much backpack space as possible and then farm one of Iwajira, Outlands Canyon, or Varrago Solitude. The latter is good in that you get mostly lasers; Iwajira is good in that you get a lot of greens. Then just grind away. The other thing I do is pass purple weapons down from a higher to lower characer; once I get a pool of them, I hit the grinder with the ones that I don’t want to keep.

Looks like I picked the right time for some LV55 Purple Wpns upgrades, even though my Character is currently at LV54.
I even ended up getting from the grinder a nice set of LV55 Legendaries just before reaching LV55.

Yes, I figured out a way to get LV55/LV55 gear while at LV54 in solo play. This is how I did it:
As soon I hit LV54, I kept farming almost non-stop the LV55 Ultimate BA Psychos, Ultimate BA Trojans and BA Bandits at the entrance to Fyrestone. So I kept getting a lot of LV55 loot to drop as shown here:

So I just kept on saving all the LV55 loot for the grinder and ended up with a nice collection of LV55 Purple Gear.

And this morning got my first ever LV55 Legendary in only 5 tries using these 3 Purple RLs:

And then, a little while ago, decided to farm some more purples and was AMAZED I got two legendaries in my first two tries with these ingredients:

Got the Flakker first, and then grinded these 3 purples next, and got a Scout Major Tom:

Grinded like 6 more times, but got only purples weapons in return. I normally get legendaries from purples in at least 10, 15 or 20 tries. So I feel I either got super lucky or maybe the drop rate GBX is experimenting with is also affecting the grinder. Don’t know.

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As I started LV55, I farmed again for loot one level higher (LV56) exclusively. And was surprised that even regular enemies can drop gear one level higher beside the badasses in UVHM. And also noticed they can drop in many places. And was surprised I was also getting Blue LV56 loot drops.
So was able to grind like a dozen LV56 purple RL’s by the time I finished LV55.
But had to dashboard and use a lot of moonstones to guarantee my results in getting the purples.

Anyways, the results:
I was trying to see how long it was going to take to get my first LV56 Legendary with the purples I got .

I tried the grinder at “The Nexus” first: Did 14 grinds and got no legendaries.
I then tried the Grinder at “Concordia”: And got a “LV56 Kiwk-Smart Thingy” in the 2nd try, as shown here with the ingredients:

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And my favorite LV55 Glitch Grind was this Droog. I rarely get them, so was surprised to get one glitched.

My grind of the day using purples

Nice! My run of getting purple for purples continues unabated - overall running at ~5% right now, with no end in sight.

Thanks! . . .I’ve had some good luck of a few times of late and gotten legendaries fairly quick with purples. It normally takes me at least 10, 15 or 20 times to get one.

I wonder if this event going on is also affecting the grinder? Don’t know.

BTW: That supernova took like around 6 tries to get at Concordia, but did tried many times (at least 15 times) at The Nexus earlier in the day with no luck.

Well, it hasn’t been for me! I’m sure there is some effect but, unless you managed to do at least 50 purple grinds during the week I’m not sure if you’d be able to tell. The whole drop rates experiment will be over long before I reach that point!

### The “Lobbed Four Seasons” and the Grinders.

Recently discovered that the “Four Seasons” Grenade Mod is a Blue GM disguise as a Legendary.
It behaves mostly like a normal Blue GM and only works partially as a Legendary with the grinders. Strange?!?!?
Is this by design or a game glitch? I have no Idea.

After some testing, this is how it behaves:
1) The LFS GM can be mixed with regular Blue GM’s to get Purple upgrades.
2) Can not grind [ 3 - LFS ] together to yield a random legendary. It will give a blue instead.
3) However, it can be grinded with other legendary type nades to get a Random Legendary Nade.

So to summarize, don’t grind [ 3 - LFS ] at the same time to get legendaries, and they can be used with blues for purple upgrades.

Don’t know if this was already discovered, but I was not aware of it.

The Supernova shield is subject to a glitch. Instead of using the Legendary material (which gives the center it’s orange glow), it can use any material, from white all the way up to orange. The different materials affect Capacity, Special01, and Special02 (so Capacity, Nova Damage, and Nova Radius in the case of the Supernova).

In addition, for some reason, the Green-rarity Supernova has a magenta (E-Tech) border instead of an orange one. However, because it’s using a green-rarity material, it’s not as good as one with an Orange, Purple, or Blue material instead.

Did not know this, good to know !!!
It’s amazing how many items are glitched or semi-glitched in the game. So far the ones I know are:
1. The Short Circuit (CM)
2. The Supernova (Shield)
3. The Support Relay (Oz Kit).
4. They Cryo Spike (Shield)
5. The Lobbed Four Season (Nade)
I’m sure there have to be others and I’m not aware yet.

Regarding the OP, when trying to grind a specific weapon type, two are enough.
So for example, for shotguns it shouldn’t just be

It should also be

Thank you so much for the feedback. I’ll look into it.

Correct - you get the same outcome whether you grind three or two of the same type.

Two questions…

First, are there any items that are NOT specifically available in the Grinder? For instance, I’ve been trying for a f***ING HOUR to grind a Prismatic Bulwark, and it’s the only damned shield that HAS NOT come up. I’ve seen a TON of WTFs, Cradles, and Reogenators.

Second, is there some protocol beyond ‘random is random’ for determining what the Grinder DOES spit out? For instance, if I feed it three of The Shooting Star, over and over and over and over and over again, for a solid hour, without break, and on the rare occasion (8 times so far) that it gives me back a purple instead of a legendary, it’s ALWAYS, EVERY SINGLE F***ING TIME, a cryo spike shield. WITHOUT FAIL. Seems there’s more than simple PRNG at work there…

Thanks again, I was not aware of this. . . Had to work today, but will start looking into it tonight.

I’m not sure yet if there is one particular item yet that is not available. But I’m almost certain that all vanilla legendary shields should be able to spawn from the grinder. And I know for a fact that the “Prismatic Bulwark” can spawn. I’ve gotten a few recently mostly using [3 Leg Shields at random].

And that’s true, at first I mostly get Tons of Cradles, WTF’s, Turtles, Purple Cryo’s and Reo’s.
But it usually takes quite a few tries to get the Bulwark.

Also have noticed that there are some other shields that are rare for me to get. Like for example the Black Hole and The Sham. But I would not put the the Bulwark in the rare category.

Also, I think Leg Shields are the hardest to get with purples.

Not sure about this. But I’ve been lucky a few times and gotten legendaries in a few tries with purples. And sometimes it takes more than 20 tries to get one.

Thanks for the quick reply!

Yeah, I got one Sham (85%, I was tempted). One Warming The Shooting Star (I was putting in three of The Shooting Star, so no, not interested). One Black Hole. Two of Kala. A dozen or so each of the Cradle and Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. Eight purple cryo spike shields (and no other purple of any sort, which is what I find VERY odd). I finally took the third Avalanche that came along. Four or five of the Reogenator (again, TEMPTING, but the purple adaptive I’m using is 54% resist and over 60k capacity, with a 2.xx delay, so I’m gonna stick with that for a while).

Thing is, I currently tote a level 60 Prismatic Bulwark. Three kills of Zarpedon since the level cap increase, and she hasn’t dropped it once. Only once did she drop ANY legendary, and that was a ZX-1 (which I do not like). Been a few (4 or 5) kills of the Invincible Sentinel since yesterday, and no PB. Mostly Shredifier and ZX-1, and skins and heads. But I really REALLY want a PB that will stand up to a little abuse, for my lasers-are-my-friends Doppelganger. Y’know, 3DD1.E and PB and stacking element upon element with 'Sponsored By". I’d love the extra help with lasers…

But anyhow, it feels as though this grinder is trying to push certain shields over others. Further, the whole I-only-serve-cryo-spike-for-purple thing is highly suspect. I get the feeling that there’s some heirarchy of shields in there (some are more likely to drop than others), or that the shields you put in somehow affect the grinder result (parts? level? type?). Something’s up. Random is random, I know. This defies even those rules of randomness. I could go 200 more legendary shield grinds without a single WTF or Cradle, and it would only THEN start to normalize. If someone else is having a similar experience, then it’s time t tell Houston that we’ve got a problem here…