ColorBlind gamers see

My brother and some friends who have colorblind, difficult to read from Log where to read Main Mission and Side Mission or they difficult to track where I go due to color of name player, they want to follow. Ive to telling them to redirect where we should to go or what main mission or side mission to read it for them since they cant read or difficult to read which they didnt enjoy to struggle to read from the color text with backgrounds.

I hope they willing to add for colorblind in the “Accessibility” asap? So they will not use me to tell them when I read it for them or without me. So they can be enjoy to play without me. I knew they still need me but I am not really available 24 hours for them but am father and have family, until spare time available to play then they can start to play with me which isnt fair for them to waiting longer because diffcul to read from the log… Yes, they’ve had a hard time to read the log where they want to follow to play without me, and I felt bad for them too.

B3 need to improve for colorblind gamers:

-Log Main/side mission color

-Small Map on the top right side with info mission color

-name player color

-color GPS ”arrows” where player go

Hey, anyone who is blind color gamers out there, please feel to give feedback to this. I knew my friend is shy to type this but I’ve to do it for them even my bro too.

PS. I AM NOT BLINDCOLOR… I want to help colorlbind gamers. So they can be enjoy it without use me to read it for them.


Ah I found this link:

So, Im guessing they are working on it quite long. What’s about quick way is add custom color opiton each: “arrow” GPS where are players go, color logo, color info, etc etc? it will be so much easier… Anyone-colorblind think of it? Please feel free to give some feedback or wait until they patch it up or add in the future.

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