Coloured cursor command icons

Continuing the discussion from UI updates in next patch:

Totally struggling for colour ideas for this. Any thoughts? Proper HW veterans will probably find this easy :smiley:


Uploaded for now:


I think the crosshair based ones used orange as a secondary color to differentiate the different crosshair icon types in classic HW2. The Repair one used to be straight up White Circle-Red Cross I think, but thatโ€™s not really done anymore (and was never legal) - Red Circle White Cross might be a good and equally obvious colouring.

The icons look good and much more useable than blue soup ones.

This is what Iโ€™ve go so far, red cross with white looked kind of cheap; however maybe a bit too red at the moment. Iโ€™m uploading for now so people can see what they think ingame.

Link added :slight_smile: