COM choice for a BeeFour

For those that are not familiar with it, a BeeFour is a build that aims to take advantage of the Bee, relying on Willing, Pressure and Drawing aggro with the turrets to keep it up as much as possible, and on fire rate skills like Metal storm to get the most out of it.

As there are no clear cut best COM for a setup like that, I decided to compare their pros and cons to come up with an answer, and while I was there, share my thought process with you guys (as it may help others in making the same kind of choices) and maybe get some valuable info in the form of feedback. :slight_smile:

Here’s the build I came up with in an earlier discussion on the subject.

There are 2 unspent points and obviously I can move some points around to take advantage of COM bonuses.
Some skills are negotiable (like impact and forebearance) but I will not change my build completely, as I feel this is pretty close to an optimum setup.
(I also will not get into the “Quick charge is good with the Bee” debate, as I feel everything pertinent has been said already, @johnrr6 agrees with me, so it’s good enough for me)

To complete the picture, gear-wise, the best suited gun types for that kind of build are SMGs and ARs (especially the later), since they have a high fire rate and decent-to-great accuracy. Pistols are pretty good too in certain cases (Hyperion, Vladof)

Other pistols, Snipers, and rocket launchers are too slow, and shotguns divide their amp bonus among all their pellets, and once that is done, they are still too slow
So, mostly ARs and maybe SMGs and Pistols, so keep that in mind :slight_smile:

I intend to use either transfusion or singularity grenades. the first one heals and the second one buys time to recharge my shield and reposition.

As for relic, I will complete the build with one that addresses whatever important metric hasn’t been addressed by my COM, but here’s a short list of the possible choices:

  • Bones of the ancient
  • Blood of the ancient with ammo for what I use (and the extra health of course)
  • Skin of the ancient (especially one that have a shield recharge delay bonus)
  • Allegiance relic for whatever manufacturer I end up using
  • Shadow of the seraph (moar bullets!)
  • Sheriff’s badge, if I end up using a pistol

On to the analysis then!

When deciding on a COM, My priorities are (in that order):

  • Keeping my Bee up (so, shield skills and things that make boost my turret health/cooldown to draw aggro)
  • Increasing Bee delivery (so fire rate first, then reload time, accuracy, mag size… anything that means more lead per seconds)
  • Stay alive (since i’ll be functionally playing without a shield, I need to be able to stay alive if I get in a pinch. That usually means health, health regen, but also things like Grit and FFYL skills) I may also address that issue by using Moxxi guns if the need be (though with fire rate and accuracy being important points, I would be severely limited in choice.)

What I don’t care about is Gun damage/grenade damage: with the Bee, any increase in gun damage is insignificant, and grenade damage suffers the same thing.

What skills helps with the first point: Willing and Pressure, but also Forebearance (as a DoT that ends sooner, means a shield that starts charging sooner too) and Onslaught (as it helps positioning)
and also all the turret skills.

With the second point: Metal storm, And to a lesser degree Ready and pressure. I also have the option to spec into overload if I do go with ARs.

And with the third point I have Able, Preparation, Grit, as well as anything that helps with my shield of course. I also leave the door open to Healthy, Quick charge and Last ditch effort

So of course, any COM that boosts these will be considered, as well as those that have base bonus in line with the effects desired

I’ve narrowed my selection to 6 COMs that I feel bring something to the table:

The Gunner COM boosts Fire rate, Metal storm (more fire rate) and Overload. It seriously addresses point #2 but fails to address the 2 others. Still a solid contender

A boost to shield recharge delay/rate is very good (better than 5 extra points into Pressure). Add to that a bonus to preparation and resourceful, and you have a COM that checks point #1 and #3 admirably.

With a Chaotic Evil version, you get extra fire rate and extra crit bonus, both of which translates to a big boost to point #2, you also get a bonus to Grit for point #3.

##Legendary Pointman:
This one does more for point #3 than almost all the others combined. Max health, health regen, bonuses to Grit, healthy and Able, you almost have to want to die with this one. But it does very little for my 2 most important points (Only Pressure for #1 and …nothing at all for #2 )

##Legendary Ranger
It addresses #1 with its base bonus and #2 with Metal storm, but does very little for point #3
Still, the 2 things it does well are solidly in line with my 2 most important points, so it’s worth considering.

##Legendary soldier
It addresses all 3 points (Cooldown for #1, Ready and fire rate bonus for #2 and Preparation and healthy for #3.) …But it does so very mildly, as most of these bonuses are little help at best, especially when compared to a boost to shield recharge like the Tactician or to Grit or metal storm.

I want to hear what you guys think.
I have never had as big a dilemma in choosing a COM before, as usually, a clear choice emerged.
Let’s discuss this shall we ? :slight_smile:

I use a Bee with my Axton. I use the Chaotic Evil Ranger Mod with Crit/Fire rate (your point #2) and +6 Grit (your point #3).

Just throwing that idea out there.

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Adding it to the list
I actually had it on my paper list, but I crossed it out…dont remember why

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I took your build and added the extra points to healthy and expertise.
I personally would go with the leg. Soldier but since you have it as only a small help. I’ll recommend a blue tactician with +6 resourceful and +5 preparation.
It helps a lot with the bee and provides survivability with lower turret down time. Doesn’t offer much for fire rate but, since your using the bee kills will be easy pickings and metal storm should be up most of the time.

Relic: umm the bone isn’t a bad choice since I don’t think you’ll be using explosive guns. A skin is also a good choice if you use one with the shield abilities like you said

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This was an interesting challenge, indeed!

With Quick Charge out of the equation, it narrows down the choices for COM’s that boost the recharge. And shield capacity isn’t really an issue here. The whole idea is to NOT get hit, and dishing out as many bullets as possible.

I don’t feel that any of the COM’s listed above fits the bill. And the reasons for this are that with Gunner and Tactican, you basically only reap the benefits from one skill (metal storm or Resourceful) + the stats. Overload is only useful on AR’s with small mags, and those usually have a high RoF anyway. Preparation raises shield capacity, but here it’s a matter of full shield or nothing. Extra healing is nice, though. Ranger is very much depending on choice of guns.

The Legendary COM’s listed above are better, but don’t quite reach the objective. I would therefore like to make a new suggestion.

Legendary Engineer

This COM will do absolutely nothing for your shield recharge or fire rate. But it will keep your turrets up longer, and it will get your turret ready to toss out again much faster. This will effectively make you take less aggro, which in turn keeps your Bee online. And since you’ve opened the door for SMG’s, I’d like to suggest that you bring Good/Bad Touches along for the ride. They will keep your health in shape. Boost your Bee with a Skin of the Ancients with the shield buffs, and you’ll be all set.


I almost suggested that myself. Honestly chuck its probably your best bet. Just use you other gear slots for the shield stuff and move those 2 unspent points into battlefront.

I’m not convinced. I considered it when I made my list but disregarded it, here’s why:

The base bonus is nice indeed, but battlefront, impact and sentry all do nothing at all for me, That leaves Able and resourceful as the other selling points of the COM

The Tactician gets resourceful too and Preparation (which is just as good as Able IMO) , so as far as skills being boosted they are about the same.

Then its a matter of the base bonus: cooldwon vs Shield recharge.
While cooldown is nice, it doesn’t hold a candle to a boost to Shield recharge rate and delay (especially since I already get cooldown from 10/5 Resourceful and maybe a bones)

So, I came to the conclusion that the Tactician was a strictly superior choice to the Leg. Engineer :slight_smile:

I feel like we’ve had a bee discussion before chuck lol.

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Yeah… I can’t seem to like playing Axton… The only thing I have not really tried yet is a Bee-based build… that might be the ticket

He’s not for everyone. That’s all I can say.

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There’s obviously several ways to go at it. A build and a loadout can look really sweet, but you won’t know for sure until you try it. Your playstyle also matters a lot in this case, so your choices will fit you, but might not be the way to go for others. It’s definetly NOT a build with foolproof options, that’s for sure. :grin:

EDIT: NOT a foolproof build.

Seems that a Wee Rat came by and stole one of the words there…

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My rec: Legendary Soldier…just too many goodies to ignore.

It fits your desires and the two unspent points are easy in my mind

One to healthy giving you a nice health boost at 6/5

And one to Battlefront
Take a point from Mag Lock unless you use it a lot ( I don’t as I want my turrets on the ground drawing aggro/blocking, etc.). And put that point in battlefront.

Take a point from Able (you won’t miss it) and also stick it in Battlefront

Lastly, you could take a point from the Kill Skill Metal Storm and stick it above giving you 6/5 in that and helping with accuracy while moving. My take is that while Metal Storm is great…it is active too short and conditional on a kill…and you’d do better overall with a 18% boost to Gun damage while your turrets are out and the boost in accuracy. And this build counts on those turrets being out a lot.

Also consider a blue Chaotic Neutral Ranger +6 Grit , + 5 Impact…and a Vladof AR like a Shredder. Huge Mag and FR off the charts. PERFECT for the Bee. And Grit at 11/5 is just a wonderful bonus. Not unkillable, but close.

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When you depend on the turrets drawing aggro, the values of Sentry and cooldown outweigh nearly everything. To put some context to this: I have never killed all 4 Assassins before the turrets timed out. In areas like the Peak, or in zones where baddies spawn close to you or rush you (Hatred’s Shadow, Fink’s, Fridge, Beatdown, etc), you want your turrets to be up as often as is possible.

Legendary Soldier ftw.

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I’ve got a number of blue (and a purple or two) class mods on Mike Irons that I can look thru and see if any of them fit your criteria (might actually help me decide which of the 15+ coms I have stored in my bank & backpack to actually use). As far as suggested guns, I just used a Dubble Gub w/Bee to take down Bunker before he even had a chance to finish his first attack (the Gub is overlooked as a good caustic weapon IMO…).

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Is ammo consumption an issue such that it’d be worth using this relic at the expense of a stronger offensive or defensive relic? I mean, it depends on what you’re doing (certain raid bosses, for example, where you don’t have access to more ammo, for example, makes sense), but for almost anything outside of a dedicated arena, Pandora is very loose with ammo, no (especially if a particular ammo pool gets below a certain threshold)?

Not really, I was just listing potential choices

Considering how the damage equation is made (for elemental damage) and how much some here stressed the point on cooldown, I will probably go with a Bones, but I still think the Skin and Shadow of the seraph are great choices :slight_smile:

How does the shadow work exactly? Is it free ammo or is it like the double accessories? If the first it could be pretty effective and worth me trying.

It works exactly like Zero’s Two Fangs
…Which reminds me that it’s a bad choice for fast weapons…

So skin or Bones are the only 2 left then :stuck_out_tongue:
Damn those ancient have useful body parts

It’s still worth trying though, just not with fast guns (long story short, the effect breaks down if you are over 10 FR)

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Hmm maybe on a shotgun zero build I’d try it.

The ancients do have some useful stuff, now I want one to be a raid boss.

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IMO, best weapon to take advantage of Two Fangs should have a relatively slow fire rate and a deep mag… The Harold comes to mind. My favorite is the Kitten :slight_smile: It’s just slow enough