COM names in HUD

I know this seems like a minor thing, but can we please have the feature back where the HUD shows the COM name being used? I liked that feature and miss it, not only for my own playing purposes in order to be certain that I am wearing the correct COM, but it also is nice to have when watching streamers and other content creators.

This obviously is nothing critical to the game, but it does seem fairly straightforward. Does anyone know if there was some reason this feature was removed when it was in all 3 of the other games?


I also miss this feature, but I’m not going to lie. Some of the names are excessively long.


I agree, it made each build feel just a tad more unique when it was played.

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Leave out the prefixes then. Having just the base name would be so much better.


How long do they get? I think I remember some being two lines long in BL2.

  • Armor Plated Load Bearing Tank Gal
  • Frag Happy Vascular Grenadier
  • Photosynthetic Oaken Avenger
  • Thunderous Flooded Stormbringer

See, I think it’s kind of badass having this long ass title. I can see why it’s a bit odd, maybe distracting even, but I find it complementing, really.


I wanted to add one more thing to my own comment - it would be nice if the COM name showed up not only in the HUD, but also in the online matchmaking selection screen, next to the host’s name (or next to any player’s name, for that matter). That way, you know at least some basic information about the match/lobby you are joining and what the playstyle is likely to be.


That’s a really good idea. Kinda like in BL2 when you joined a Maya and could tell if they were a healer or damage dealer.

I’ll endorse this.

I could see this being a nice addition to solo play, but couch Co op can’t read a majority of the information on screen as is… So as long as they keep that in mind I’m not against it.

On couch co-op, it won’t really matter, it would just be something you’d learn to ignore pretty quick I think.

You’re probably right, but people can also pick guns up and read them in the inventory instead of on the miniscule pop-up bubble and still complain the text is too small…

Why add fuel to the fire if it won’t do any good you know?

Well, you wouldn’t be reading it too often, maybe one time and then ignore it. But you’re right, it is a really small thing to add.