COM selection question

I know that for a melee Krieg, the Legendary Sickle is the staple choice. But I’m playing a Hellborn-Bloodlust build, and was wondering:

Which is better, a Legendary Reaper COM or the Legendary Torch COM?

Also, is there any way/point/reason to place a point into Fuel the Blood in a gun build? The grenade damage is just so tempting.

What about a blue Toast com? That’s what I’m planning to use.

Blue Toast is great, a Legendary Post would have been probably too overpowered.

I did use that for the longest time (read: level 50-61 in UVHM XD).

I’m essentially trading magazine size and 10/5 Fire Fiend for Thrill of the Kill and 10/5 in Embrace the Pain. I’m thinking of this build for the L. Torch and this with the blue Razed Toast or L. Reaper. 10/5 in Fire Fiend seems a little unnecessary with Nervous Blood, but 10/5 in Embrace the Pain isn’t much better. As for the L. Reaper, it doesn’t even boost Hellborn that much, but Blood Bath is…well.

Maybe Leg. Torch for general play, and Leg. Reaper for certain boss fights and Raids?

I’ve always used a Legendary Torch when I feel like dabbling in Hellborn. I usually avoid flame flare.

I’m not a big Hellborn user though.

If you’ve specced into Blood Bath, go with a Leg. Reaper because 500% weapon damage for ~ 13 seconds is nothing to sneeze at. If you haven’t, then a Leg. Torch or a toast COM would be better.

Going to have to fully back this statement.


Purple Toast is the better option. Every skill is good.

Out of context.

“Purple Toast is good”, sounds like a bad episode of Chopped on the Food Network.

Ha. Someone’s attempt at a veggie butter spread that includes cabbage, beet, and eggplant. Bleh.

Back to the topic:

If you’re running Legendary Torch take four points from Elemental Elation and put one point Fuel the Fire with 10/5 BBB, and go 5/5 Pain is Power (+75% Weapon Damage while on fire which will be all the time). Burn Damage from BBB is more important for your other skills and you’ll still have like a 240% increase in Elemnental Effect Chance with 6/5. Also, with respect to Fire Fiend, it’s a better skill than Nervous Blood because it doesn’t require a kill and the increase in accuracy is very helpful in getting bullets on target.

I like Legendary Reaper better in a Bloodlust-Mania gun build so not much to say about your build there.

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Toast for general gameplay, then switch to Reaper in case of “NEED TO KILL THAT THING NOW” (cf Gulfwulf’s comment).
You will loose a bit of survavibility, but, well, +500% damage…
Then return back to the Toast !

Just to add a simple stat comparison of Legendary Reaper versus Power Toast (Purple). Assume Blood Bath, Pain is Power, Elemental Elation, and Fire Fiend are all taken.

With Legendary Reaper (+99% Kill Skill Duration):
10/5 Blood Bath+5/5 Pain is Power (while on fire)= +575% Weapon Damage
5/5 Elemental Elation (20 stacks)= +60% Fire Rate, +100% Magazine Size
5/5 Fire Fiend= +50% Weapon Accuracy, +35% Reload Speed

With Power Toast (+80% Burn Chance, +53% Magazine Size):
5/5 Blood Bath+10/5 Pain is Power (while on fire)= +400% Weapon Damage
9/5 Elemental Elation (20 stacks)= +100% Fire Rate, 180% Magazine Size
9/5 Fire Fiend= +90% Weapon Accuracy, +63% Reload Speed

Legendary Reaper’s +175% difference in Weapon Damage is huge, and you get that for 14 seconds as opposed to 7 seconds. But that’s just one factor in each class mod’s DPS potential. You also need to factor in differences in Fire Rate, Magazine Size, Weapon Accuracy, and Reload Speed, which all affect your sustained damage over time. When you add in these other factors Legendary Reaper has -40% Fire Rate, -133% Magazine Size, -40% Weapon Accuracy, and -28% Reload Speed by comparison to Power Toast. Both class mods clearly bring a lot to the table so I think you have to try each out with the gear you have to really see the difference in performance.