Comander lilith dont work on epic games store

i download the dlc of comander lilith but on game dont work , when i use teleport to fight for sanctuary the games says i dont have the dlc but i got downloaded , i cant create lvl 30 pjs too any here can ask what can i do

Same problem here

There should be the equivalent of Steam’s ‘Verify files’ on the game entry in the Epic library, so try that first.

If you still get a prompt when you attempt to FT to download the DLC, does it give you a link to follow? If so, might want to click through (even though you already have the DLC installed) - BL3 DLCs have had similar issues on console, and that’s one work-around there.

If neither of those work, please file a support ticket. You’ll want to grab your SHIFT support ID and screenshots of your library and in-game prompt.

i verific reinstall clearing all of my pc of borderlands 2 first but nothing happend in game say i got the dlc but when i want to teleport the game says i dont have it

Same here. I’ve verified my files and even tried uninstalling and reinstalling the DLC, but no dice.

A lot of people have reported that it suddenly started working for them yesterday, so you may want to try again. Looks like someone at either Epic or GBX fixed it.

Little on the late side, but may help others; I had to disable the UHD DLC then install the Commander Lilith DLC for it to work for me. Haven’t reinstalled the UHD DLC since so that’s about all I can offer for potential advice.

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