Combat-logging App., Because There Seems to be Something Not Right Here...(PC Steam version)?

Yeah, the title --is there such a thing, or could one be made?

Reason I ask:

I am becoming increasingly certain that possibly because of the February and/or March 2020 patches on Steam, the self-strike on Silence the Voices is no longer random, and certainly now has a higher chance than just 12%.

Whether this is a bug or a “stealth’ed-in-feature”, it’s honestly become so bad that I just don’t care which anymore, I just wanna know, one way or another just what the actual serious ■■■■ is going on here –

–Yes really: it’s gotten that bad, and I surely can’t be the only Krieg player who’s noticed this?

(Aside: Yes, smart-guy/girl, I know how percentage-chance/probability works, thank you.)

I’ve got 2,600h in BL2 and a good chunk of that is with no less than three Kriegs (because I <3 our Big Guy forever, and it’s a rare play-session even now that he doesn’t make me LOL IRL) and the self-striking has never --I repeat NEVERbeen anywhere near this bad.

Not even every mob-pull, I could at least grudgingly deal with that –But almost every single ■■■■■■■ enemy in every single ■■■■■■■ mob/pull.

Kill enemy (assuming a a chain of self-strikes doesn’t put you down, yet again) --> Face the next enemy --> swing --> Self-strike --> Rinse --> repeat --> broken up by getting out of Fight for Your Life, yet again.
(Aside some more: The Badaboom really is this game’s best rocket-launcher for this, by the way, at least for me)
What’s equally consistent: When trying to test this without enemies around, just swinging a melée strike --both in and out of RtB, then it works more-or-less like it always did, and how you’d expect.

Unless I’m going early-onset-senile and completely forgetting my Statistics training (granted it’s been a while, and I’m firmly on the wrong side of 45 now), then a truly random occurrence of that chance shouldn’t happen that often, that consistently. Yes, it’s theoretically possible, but the realistic chances are, if memory serves, pretty small.

Sure you could get chains, or even repeated chains --no doubt we all have every now and then-- but that often, in that more-or-less same situation, again that consistently?
It’s gotten so bad that I’ve more than once had to Q/T back to Sanctuary and re-spec to a guns-build (Bloodlust/Hellborn hybrid) for my game to even be playable.

Like I said, it was never anywhere near this bad before. Like, ever.

So I want to test this myself, hence the combat-log --IE, I want to play my melée Kriegs as much as I can, catalogue every swing (and self-strike) over as large a sample-size as possible, and then crunch the numbers and find out for myself, one way or the other.

Sorry, but I just ain’t buying the original tool-tip stat anymore with what’s been happening lately.

What say you, community in general, and Krieg-mains especially?


Whoops, I meant Silence the Voices, not Release the Beast.

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There is no such official thing. And any unofficial thing would (a) only apply to PC and (b) be topic non grata for discussion on these forums. (Prohibition on datamining etc.)

If someone has something like this, they’re probably over on Reddit or one of the fan Discourses.

I took a look around, but it seems that neither the BL2 page nor the BL2 News section have any update notes past Jan. 2016. And I don’t see any PC-specific entry on the Handsome Collection support page either. I remember seeing something about Silence the Voices, but unfortunately I have no recollection what or when. Maybe someone else remembers? @xmngr - any idea if there were some changes post-2015 patches?


For an almost-10-year-old game whose support cycle is (as far as I can see anyway) over, and has extensive modded content already?

But then the patch/-es to which I refer were much more recent, and caused their share of other problems --I wonder just what would they would have…well, allowed to get overlooked…in the furore over those, the adware, and forced SHIFT login, I wonder.

My faith in/trust for Gearbox no longer exists even slightly, by the way, and this was the case long before all the latest débacles.

This, at least, can be explained: GBX needed it for cross-launcher play on PC with the release of the HC on Epic.

Yeah, I get that, but the way they did it is/was…many kinds of ugly.

Semantics but it’s StV rather than RtB.

I just finished a new Krieg (my fourth or fifth) and did not experience any increase. I’m also on Steam - not that that should make any difference. I’m pretty deliberate with my swings though - I spammed-a-lot when I first played him.

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I think we all did mash the button at first, but I’ve heard that’s not supposed to make a difference, IE, the die is rolled only once per full animation, and not again until the next melée-swing animation starts?
(Sorry, I can’t remember the exact provenance of that, it was in a video from one of the “Old Guard”, like K6 or Baharoo, or one of them)

Oh absolutely that’s right. I still exercise care to minimize unnecessary strikes (those that are guaranteed to not connect). Also, just because.

It doesn’t impact the end result in a significant way though so my original statement is a distraction.

There would be no reason to hide a StV rate increase in last year’s patch that didn’t affect any other skills or gear. So I guess one has to test it, which isn’t the hardest thing to do, really.

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@MeatyCakes. I can’t but help love the passion! I’m considering hitting bl2 for the first time in 9 months. :slight_smile:


Bl3’s combat with BL2’s almost everything else, with BL1’s atmosphere would be the perfect game, basically.

I started GL&T (3’s best DLC, in my opinion) with my Moze, and then found that I just can’t even anymore with BL3, for some reason. Still managed around 700 hours before this latest break, though, according to my Steam.


Well its settled, my buddy convinced me to get bl1 goty. I had completely forgotten about DAHL SHOTGUNS! :wink:

12% still 12%


Again, it’s not that’s it’s happening, or even that it’s happening a lot. We’ve all had chains of the latter at least on occasion.

It’s that it just will not stop happening. At all. ■■■■■■■ constantly.

This seemingly only since the patches in spring of this year.

To the point that I’ve just pretty much given up on melée Krieg (because this just isn’t fun anymore), re-visited my Salvadors, and yeah…He’s just as fun-but-kinda-mindless as he ever was.

But at least Sal’s brokenness doesn’t make him all but un-playable.

I know that if you averaged out literally every self-strike that’s ever happened out of every attempt ever done by anyone over BL2’s entire life-cycle, then eventually, you’d come out to more or less 12% once the total data-set got large enough, and closer to the theoretical exact 12% as its size continued to increase to theoretical infinity (this is basic statistics, and no, I didn’t sleep through it).

But the chances of this happening this often, this consistently?
Granted it’s been years since my training in this, but I’m pretty sure the chances of that happening are small enough to not really be realistic, normally. Sure, it theoretically could happen to someone, somewhere, eventually, but it’s not really an issue in practice.

Until now.

Oh, as well:

He seems to be doing markedly less damage per swing, too --As in full stacks (Both Bloodlust and that other one in the Mania tree) and enemy slagged, what took one or two swings to dumpster before now needs three or four. (I played Krieg --like, a lot until this ■■■■ started.)

So, yeah, conclusion:

Krieg has either been stealth-nerfed deliberately, or the patches broke him accidentally, and GBx is tacitly letting it go to try and discourage people from playing BL2 in general, and DLC characters especially to help support its utterly idiotic lie that no-one played DLC characters much, and we’ll actually let them gouge us for skill-trees on existing characters in the Year 2 Season’s Pass (which I will never even consider looking at, but that’s another thread).

A combat-logger/DPS-meter would be able to prove and quantify this, one way or the other;
And no, no-one has any real reason to give a crap about “data-mining” an almost nine-year-old game whose life-cycle is clearly over (recent adware- and surprise-buttsecks-DRM injections notwithstanding, of course).

I’m a fairly new BL2 player, having picked up the Handsome Collection during the Epic free give away earlier this year.

So far I’ve played Zero and Sal to UVHM, Maya to OP7 and I’ve just started Krieg a few days ago (currently level 46).

I was surprised to see exactly what @MeatyCakes is describing. Namely, when in combat I get multiple chains of hitting myself with StV. I’ve seen chains self hit 4 or 5 times, then 2 or 3 non-self hits followed by 4 or 5 self hits. This seems well above 12%.

It’s so bad at times I just throw the axe instead, which I believe prevents the self hits. The odd thing is, if I try to replicate this by simply swinging the axe when not in combat, I get what I’d expect.

Having no prior experience with Krieg, I just put this down to how he works, but I stumbled upon this thread while looking at Bloodsplosion guides on the forum and thought I’d chime in.

It’s only gotten worse.
I just now said “■■■■ this noise” and [ALT - F4]'ed in Bloodshot Stronghold, and that was just regular mobbing with the odd big guy.

Melee Krieg is essentially unplayable in some encounters, now.

Yes fanboy simp, I know how random probability works (probably better than you do, given my training and background).
I’m sure that this is no longer a random die-roll anymore, and if it still is, than the chance has become much higher than twelve percent.

It was never this bad before the Spring 2020 patch. Not only that, but it seems to have gotten worse. I even un-installed/re-intalled which changed nothing.


You can spare me the “GIt guUd no0B hURrr-dURrR-dERptY-DErp!!”, too: I have no less than four Kriegs with a total of around 22 days /played time between them, out of a total of almost 2,800 hours in BL2 overall.

I know how this character/class is supposed to work just fine --And again, probably better than some of you.

This patch and/or possibly the adware-injection Crapbox so kindly gave us broke something, and that’s that. Unless this was/is some kind of halfassed stealth-nerf?
And if the latter, then why the actual ■■■■ would they even bother at this point?