Combat Sniper vs Support Sniper (Marquis Playstyle Discussion)

So during my time playing the PS4 open beta I’ve been maining Marquis. I gotta say he’s one of my favorite characters to play as and I always love to see a fellow Marquis on the enemy team in PvP.

This thread is simply to discuss what playstyle you Marquis players like to play as. For those who don’t understand what I mean as combat sniper, it’s basically being in the middle of combat and using a fast firing bindlebane.

Combat Sniper is my way to go and it got me results. I just go for recoil reduction, firing speed, reload speed, and ein zwei die passive on second shot. Time bubble as a big long lasting slow aoe and a lot of high damaging Hoodinis is what I build too.

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Thank you @Kitty_Jo , I’m new to forums so I don’t really know how they work much. Appreciate it.

Not a problem, friendo! Ever have any questions, feel free to hit me up :smiley:

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