Combine the Queues, and show how many are waiting in Queue

maybe one fix to the long queue times are to have a single queue for PVP
where people can vote on mode and map, instead of 3 separate queues that cant pool people together.
I rather play any type of mode than just sit in an empty queue waiting for a game that will never happen.

another thing that could be done easily is to show how many people are currently queued for each mode,
so that we can get into the line that is actually moving.

I do prefer the 1st solution though.
I just want to play the damn game !


Terrible idea. People will drop from matches if they don’t get the mode they want.

What I’m hoping for is a specific “first available” queue that will help fill out other matches.


If you want to play a specific mode, you queue for that mode the regular way.
If you want any mode, you enqueue to the “any mode” queue.

Yes but the OP was asking for Combining all queues into one.

Yup. This. I’m frankly surprised it wasn’t in the game right from the start to be honest :slight_smile:

I know it has been discussed internally. If they do implement something like that, then they ought to make it so you can’t leave matchmaking and find some way to reinforce people staying in, even if they don’t like the game type they get dropped into.

I strongly feel that a reward rather than a punishment would be more effective. So there might be a credit bonus for completing a pvp match entered through that queue or something of that nature.

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If they do implement this, no amount of incentive or disincentive will keep players in a game they don’t want to play. If you incentivize staying, then players will just AFK in base until the game is over. I know that I’d just move to one of my other screens that I have running, (laptop, smartphone/tablet) and browse forums or facebook or something. Same result for them (15- 30 mins of not playing) but now they get something for screwing the rest of their team over.

The best solution for this problem is marketing. You need more players, then you need to sell more games. PERIOD. Either that or make it FTP and make your money by selling unlocks, skins and taunts. Taking choice away from players in a day and age when players have more options of what to play is going to drive players to choose to play a different game altogether.

This was specifically in reference to a “first available” queue, nothing else. If people aren’t willing to play what they get, they shouldn’t enter such a queue.

We agree the game needs more players. No arguing that. But we don’t have that right now and are trying to get creative and find ways to give people choice and quality matches without making queue times intolerable. I don’t think a queue like this is going to happen, but the whole point is for people willing to play anything to get matched up with those with more specific tastes (shortening the wait times for the latter.