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I am currently looking for the following:

Transformer ASE 50% fire
Maggie SNTNL 50% cryo
ION Cannon ASE 100% dmg fire, shock, corrosive, radiation
Cutpurse Otto Idol
Ice Breaker Victory Rush
Ice Breaker Otto Idol

What I have to offer:
Assault Rifles:

Lucian’s Call fire (annointed ASE next 2 mags have 50% radiation dmg)
Lucian’s Call fire (annointed phasegraspig accuracy and handling increased)
Lucian’s Call corrosive (annointed ASE fire rate 11% reload 26%
Double Penetrating Laser-Sploder radiation (annointed ASE projectile speed increase 100%)
Burning Gratifying Laser-Sploder fire (annointed Phasecast 250%)
Burning Gratifying Laser-Sploder fire (annointed ASE fire rate 11% reload speed 26%)
Burning Gratifying Laser-Sploder fire (annointed ASE 125% dmg to badass…)
Burning Gratifying Laser-Sploder (Phasecast 250% Weap Dmg)
Double Penetrating Laser-Sploder shock (annointed ASE next 2 mags bonus radiation)
Shrinking Gratifying Laser-Sploder cryo (annointed Phaseslam 300%)
Oozing Gratifying Laser-Sploder corrosive (annointed ASE splash dmg increase 125%)
Breath of the Dying
Engulfing Resolute Ogre (annointed ASE next 2 mags bonus incendiary dmg)
Negating The Dictator cryo (killing an enemy grants 5% weap dmg and reload speed)


MOARR Linoge corrosive
Dastardly Maggie (ASE 15% lifesteal)
Maxxed-Out Baby Maker (annointed while terrified increased damage and fire rate)
Molten Infinity
The Duc (+103% dmg +10% crit)


Arctic Night Hawkins cryo (annointed ASE 125 weapon dmg to badass…)
Binary Westergun cryo/corrosive (annointed Phaseslam weapon dmg 300%)
Binary Westergun fire/shock (annointed operative swap Digi clone weap dmg increased 130%)
Binary Westergun fire/shock (annointed ASE crit dmg increased 25%)
Binary Cultivated Cutsman fire (annointed siren Phaseslam 300%)
Binary Mocking Cutsman corrosive (annointed ASE status effect dmg and chance increased 75%)
Binary Sublime Cutsman corrosive (annointed operative swap Digi clone weapon is reloaded)


Deep Dive Facepuncher (annointed siren Phasecast 250%)
Redundant the Butcher (annointed ASE next 2 mags 50% corrosive)
Subsidized Essential Fearmonger shock (annointed siren Phasegrasping Amara fires terror skulls at grasped target)
One Pump Chump (annointed while terrified gain ammo Regen)
One Pump Chump (annointed siren Phaseslam 300%)
Burning Flakker (annointed Operative SNTNL gain 50% dmg as cryo)
Burning Flakker (annointed operative switch Digi clone dmg increase 130%)
Casual Flakker (annointed next 2 mags 50% shock dmg)
Flakker (annointed ASE weapon dmg increased 100%)
Speedloading Hellwalker (annointed Siren Phasecast 250%)


Molten Vicious Lyuda (annointed ASE 125% more dmg to badass…)
Resolute Lyuda (annointed siren Phasecast 250%)
Arctic Tamed Stalker cryo (annointed while terrified gain health Regen)

Class Mods: (ask for specific skill roles)

TEMP Spectral Phazezerker (+45% atlas crit, +20% corrosive resist, +24% mag size)
Primevul Spectral Phazezerker (+25% weap dmg, +50% vladof accuracy, +25% Maliwan reload)

Blended Tangled Elemental isn’t (+15% maliwan fire rate, +15% Vladof fire rate, +30% grenade damage)
Desperate Entrenched Bloodletter (+50% torgue accuracy, +31% SMG dmg, +25% torgue reload speed)
Desperate Entrenched Bloodletter (+31% Shotgun dmg, +10% Hyperion Dmg, +10% Torgue Dmg)

Gauging Vulpine DE4DEYE (+25% weapon dmg, +32% weap accuracy, +20% cryo resist)
Primeval Spectral Phazezerker (+25% weap dmg, +50% Vladof Weapon Accuracy, +25% maliwan reload speed)

Ordered Prepped Cold Warrior (+31% Pistol Dmg, +20% cryo resist, +1666 shield cap)
Shady Sonic Boom Infiltrator (+31% sniper dmg, +5 grenades, +50% Maliwan Accuracy)
Teething Prized Red Fang (+25% Dahl reload speed, +1487 Max Health, +30% grenade dmg)
Treacherous Disastrous Executor (+10% vladof weap dmg, +31% SMG dmg, +15% Dahl fire rate)


Spring Epicenter (annointed ASE apply terror to yourself every 5 seconds for 18 seconds)
Cloning Chupas Organ (annointed ASE apply terror to yourself every 5 seconds for 18 seconds)


Elemental Projector Victory Rush (+16% radiation dmg, +27% electrocute chance, +27% irradiate chance)
Last Stand Deathless (+17% assault rifle dmg, +27% ignite chance, +8% movement speed)
Last Stand Deathless (+17% assault rifle dmg, +16% incendiary dmg, +33% AoE dmg)
Last Stand Loaded Dice (+12.67 luck, +7% exp, +29% cryo resist)


Return Fire Big Boom Blaster corrosive resist (Nova, Reflect) (ASE 50% corrosive dmg

Awesome Purple Weapons

Dueling Stagecoach 394x21 dmg (while enemies below 25% health gain 50% weap dmg)
Cost Effective Optimized Q system 1082x2 dmg (annointed while terrified gain increased dmg and fire rate)
Cost Effective Optimized Q System 1136x2 dmg (annointed ASE next 2 mags 50% incendiary)

Hi, I have for you:
Transformer ASE 50% radiation,
Ice Breaker Otto Idol,
Bounty hunter class mod with 25% dam and bonus Jakobs damage

I would like
Lucian’s Call corrosive (annointed ASE fire rate 11% reload 26%)
Dastardly Maggie (ASE 15% lifesteal)
Return Fire Big Boom Blaster corrosive resist (Nova, Reflect) (ASE 50% corrosive )
if possible. My GT is Chase D Gamer08
What is your GT? Thanks Tom

Hello, would you take a Maggie with cryo 2 mags on ase or the one pump chump with the siren annoint. My gt is Ye olde wolf

Sorry for such a delay I must’ve just missed you. I’m sending those items over. My GT is FunnelCakeFrank so send over your at your earliest convenience please. Thank you for waiting.

Thanks for the items,
hope the ones I sent help you try new builds. Tom