Come get some free stuff :D (UPDATED 4/18 w/ level 57 gear!)

My bank is getting pretty full, so it’s time to give some stuff away! Just comment w/ your GT and what you want and I will mail it to you ASAP.

I don’t need anything in return, but if you want to send something my way, I’m always looking for:

  • Hyperion Hosts, Torgue Carbuncles and Protuberances, Hyperion Broodmothers and Maliwan Antimatter sniper rifles
  • Friendbot COM with +3 in All My BFFs OR +5 in Barbaric Yawp (perks don’t matter)
  • Tr4iner COM for lulz but they aren’t dropping for me :frowning:

GT: janejana


I would be very interested in the Accumulating Stop Gap shield & the annexed scathing Ion Cannon with the 5% dmg on kill anointment. If I’m limited to one choice, the Ion Cannon :slight_smile:

Nah, no item limits. I just need your GT and I’ll send the Stop-Gap and Ion Cannon over.

Oops! GT is Undisputed Dave

Could I have that Blast Master Com?

GT is DeadheadHix09


everything sent :slight_smile:

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Live to have the Seein Dead mods, any

Gt - xCaliburxxx

Could I please have the molten lyuda, and the seeing dead with 4 in db? Thanks!


Just sent you a Brainstormer

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Anointed scrounge for operative (high splash)
2 cloning hex(not electric)
Any high damage Lyuda (any element)
Any snowdrift please. I’ll send you a cash infused brainstormer
GT: WhiteStarNova24

Hello could I get the x2 ion cannon with the gamma burst anoint. And possibly the Firestone white elephant with the shield and health and grenade dmg. Thanks bud gt is Ye olde wolf

can I get the de4d eye class mod with heavy damage
GT: EU Edgey

Hey, could I get the Corrosive Cutsman, the corrosive Foursom and the Annexed Zammechat Ion Cannon?

GT dafatman911

Thank you big time!

Hi, could I get the anointed Ion Cannon ASE 50 % corrosive and the cutpurse white elephant artifact? thanks Tom GT = Chase D Gamer08

Someone’s already asked for the Seein dead mods but I can send the Lyuda your way :slight_smile:

Thank you! :smiley:

The only thing I have for sure are Snowdrifts but I’ll see if I’ve got anything else on your list.

Everything sent :slight_smile:

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Still have the nukem? :slight_smile:
Gt McBurgerDeluxe

Thanx again!


Thank you!