Come get some free stuff :D (UPDATED 4/18 w/ level 57 gear!)

Could I get the augmented bloodletter and the atom balm deathless please? GT colkurtz82
Thank you so much

Hi, could I please have a hex grenade if you still have one. Thank you.

Sent :slight_smile:

Sure, I just need your GT so I can mail it

Thank you!

If you still have the Bounty Hunter com, I’d be happy to take it:-)

GT dafatman911

Thank you so very much!

Thank you for your reply, it is, ‘Minniehaha’, capital M. Thank you.

Thank you. Tom

HI, I would love the white elephant



Hex, Bounty Hunter and White Elephant sent out :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the grenade, it is much appreciated. You could have deleted them but chose to share, it must be in your nature.

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GT- MoneyMose

Any of the Ion Cannons?!

Sorry for the late post!

Sent one over, lmk if you’re looking for one with something different b/c I might have it.

I appreciate that!

Do you by chance have Guttiwat’s Cannon?

yeah, I have at least one, but I won’t be able to send it until tomorrow.

Damn!! Was hoping I caught you in time! I appreciate that!

Could I get the shock Cutsman if it’s not to much to ask?
GT is dafatman911

Thank you very much!

still have that shredded scourge? i’ll snag that if you do.

GT: Tenebrous Wulf

Sent out the last three requests :slight_smile:

Going to try and update with new stuff over the weekend.

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You are fantastic, thank you so much!:blush:

I’ll take the mind melt Otto Idol if possible!